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Interactive Marketing Success Story: How TAG Livros Generated 57K+ Leads Using Outgrow Experiences

TAG Livros is a book signing club that delivers a literary kit to all its members every month. Here is an interactive marketing success story about how they generated almost 58000 leads in less than a month, using Outgrow interactive content.

TAG Livros’ Problem

Team TAG had been exploring ways to generate more leads and engage them better. However, just like any digital startup, they had a lean budget.

Clearly, they needed a lead generation solution that not only had a higher ROI compared to standard inbound techniques, but was also cost effective.

Traditional content marketing is ideal for brands looking to get results over a period of time. However, it has failed to emerge as a growth hack. People download ebooks and whitepapers but hardly read them. There’s no immediate value. Besides, the cost involved in creating a large volume of content to keep audiences engaged is usually higher. The CAC (Cost to acquire a customer) is too high.

Efficiently acquiring leads and optimizing your conversion rate is not easy. Your customer acquisition cost has a direct impact on your profitability and growth potential. Thus, it is a key issue.

Keeping this in mind, team TAG needed a content form that provided the prospects instant gratification. Plus, keep them hooked without exhausting their budget.

That is when they decided to experiment with interactive content.

To begin with, they built an interactive quiz that would tell people about the best selling book from the year they were born – an interesting concept that would encourage people to engage with the content! ”

Since their target audience was bibliophiles, the idea could skyrocket their lead conversions. However, building something like this in-house would require them to hire developers, which tight timeline and budget didn’t permit. 


Where Outgrow Came In?

No Coding Required: Outgrow’s interactive marketing platform let the team build an intuitive quiz using pre-built templates. Thus, they didn’t have to write a single line of code, which eliminated the cost of hiring developers.

“Outgrow’s well designed templates, allowed us to quickly build and launch experiences without writing a line of code. Their personalization features like logic jump and conditional call to actions helped us personalize the results for our users,” said Luise Spieweck Fialho (Founder at TAG Livros)

success story interactive marketing outgrow

High Completion Rate, More Shares: The quiz had a simple landing page, and a single question, which could be answered using a drop down. This format increased their completion rate and their share rate.

success story interactive marketing outgrow

More Leads, Improved Conversions: The quiz TAG built was interactive, engaged users, and provided instant gratification. Since it was about best-selling books, it was share-worthy. Within a month, this quiz alone generated more than 72K visits, 23K leads, and 5K engagements. That’s a lead generation rate of almost 32%!

success story interactive marketing outgrow

The TAG Livros quiz engaged and entertained their audience and thus was a huge hit on social media. They posted on their Facebook page and ran targeted Facebook Ads. You will see one of their Facebook posts below, which generated over 900 likes/reactions and over 120 shares.

success story interactive marketing outgrow

As a result of their Facebook posts, SEO bump, and email outreach, they generated more than 57K leads and 286K visits in traffic. And the interactive experience became a huge hit!

This has encouraged TAG Livros to make interactive content an integral part of their marketing strategy. The team has created 11 experiences on Outgrow in their first month alone!

“I would strongly recommend Outgrow to any digital marketer looking to generate more qualified leads – we generated over 55K leads in a month through the Outgrow platform!” – Luise

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