International Women's Day 2023

Celebrating Women’s Achievements: Empowering Stories from Across the Globe

International Women’s Day 2023 was celebrated on the 8th of March and the theme for this year was an extremely enthralling one- ‘Embrace Equity’. The theme ‘Embrace Equity’ aims to close the gap between genders and drive positive changes to boost economic growth by empowering women and girls. 

And to make a small contribution to this, Outgrow decided to dedicate the entire month of March to celebrating women and their accomplishments that have led to groundbreaking discoveries, policies, and movements that have changed the course of history. So, let’s have a look at how we observed International Women’s Day 2023!

How Outgrow Celebrated Women Leaders 

To honor some of the most successful women today, we at Outgrow, initiated several campaigns to spark a conversation around this year’s theme. 

To start with, we conducted an online TweetChat session. We reached out to some amazing women leaders who have done tremendously well in their fields and asked them their opinion on how they are creating an equitable workplace for all

Moreover, apart from the TweetChat sessions, the Outgrow team also created some exciting and interactive posts on social media in order to spread the word about women who have made invaluable contributions to today’s world in every field, from science and technology to politics and social justice.

So, let’s tell you more about our campaigns and our attempt to propagate how we should aim for equality not just in society but also in the workplace.

IWD 2023 TweetChat Campaign

As already mentioned, we reached out to some women leaders of today to conduct an online TweetChat campaign. And to get our campaign trending, we used engaging hashtags like #LeadingwithChange and #RewritingRules.

In order to start the discussion, the social media team at Outgrow created some enticing carousel posts. Furthermore, to make it more interesting, they threw some engrossing questions to the attendees. Some of them include- 

Carousel Posts

This post simply depicts how some women across the world have created history and contributed to making the world a better place. Additionally, it includes images of some of the most well-known women like Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth II, and more.

We created the above post to promote the TweetChat session which was held on March 7, 2023. Through the hashtags, we made an attempt to depict what we were trying to achieve through this campaign. 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the questions that we asked our guests. 

TweetChat Campaign Questions

TweetChat Campaign Questions

These questions were a simple attempt to start a fruitful discussion about how we can embrace equity and design a workplace equitable for all. In addition to this, we have created some interesting interactive experiences for our audience!

IWD 2023 Interactive Campaigns

Quizzes and calculators are our forte and we couldn’t have run a campaign without creating and promoting some interesting and educational content interactively! Besides, interactive content generates 2x more conversions as compared to passive content.

1. Historical Women’s Day Quiz

This Women’s Day Quiz will give you the perfect fun learning experience. So, answer some questions about some important women of the world and broaden your knowledge about the same. 

2. Female Iconic Movie Character Quiz

This personality quiz will ask you a set of fun and engaging questions about your likes, dislikes, and traits. Finally, the result will tell you which female iconic movie character your personality most aligns with. Sounds fun, right? So, what’re you waiting for? Take the quiz and find out who you are!

3. Gender Pay Gap Calculator

The gender wage gap has impacted the average working women’s compensation. And our team has created a calculator addressing this issue. This calculator will help you find out how much a female could potentially earn if society was more equitable. 

Best Quotes From Our Women Leaders

The TweetChat campaign was an enormous success. And although we had a lot of women leaders participating in the chat session, we want to highlight some of the most loved and viewed quotes for you. 

Best Quotes From Our Women Leaders
Best Quotes From Our Women Leaders
Best Quotes From Our Women Leaders
Best Quotes From Our Women Leaders
Best Quotes From Our Women Leaders

Are We Ready to Embrace Equity 

We hope that we’ve been able to make some impact with our small attempt to inspire people all around to embrace equality, close gender gaps, and bring about a sense of equality for women in their workplaces. 

So, if you liked our International Women’s Day blog, please share it with the hashtag #LeadingwithChange to start a discussion with your audience and help empower the women around you.

Also, if you found our interactive content interesting and want to create something interactive of your own, you can sign up for Outgrow’s 7-day free trial! Start now! 😀

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