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LinkedIn Publishing Score Calculator

LinkedIn is about relationship building and one of the best ways to build a relationship with your connections is by providing value first – which you can do with your content. However, with more and more people posting on LinkedIn, your posts can easily get lost in all of the noise. Want to increase the likelihood that your connections click on your post? It is important to master the basics of LinkedIn Publishing and create interesting and compelling stories that grab their attention. Want to know if you’ve what it takes to become one of the top LinkedIn contributors? Take this calculator and determine your LinkedIn publishing score.

Killing it on LinkedIn? Awesome!

Not quite there? Here are some tips that can help you improve your LinkedIn publishing score.

  • Don’t publish content in a rush. Ensure quality. Your brand is on the line.
  • Have a goal on the mind. Identify the audience you’re writing for and draft your pitch accordingly.
  • Write the title in the end. Make it catchy and intriguing.  Honestly, that’s all you need to stand out amidst all the crappy titles out there.
  • Maintain a publishing calendar. Consistency pays off.
  • Your readers love to hear from you. Participate in the commenting and conversation of your posts.

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