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How to Create a Social Media Quiz That Drives Business Growth

Quizzes are an effective way to engage your followers on social media! Not only can they help you better understand your audience, but they can also help your business move forward. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all a social media quiz and understand how to create one. We’ll also see how these quizzes can help you meet your business needs and get ahead of competitors.

Let’s jump right into it!

What Is a Social Media Quiz?

A social media quiz is a fun interactive quiz designed to be shared and promoted on social media platforms.

In addition to being a fun marketing tool, social media quizzes can also be used to boost social media marketing efforts. It can be created for different purposes like entertainment, education, or marketing campaigns. It has been proven to be quite effective for promoting brands, products, or services.

Social media quizzes like Instagram quizzes have become a favorite among brands and customers alike, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. By including social media quizzes in your marketing strategy, you can engage with your audience, build brand awareness, and gather valuable insights to enhance your future marketing efforts.

Let’s talk about all these benefits in a detailed way.

How Can Quizzes Help Your Social Media Marketing Needs?

Gather Insights

Social media quizzes can help you gain useful insights into your audience’s preferences, behaviors, and areas of interest. These insights can guide your social media marketing strategy and help you create more focused, targeted, and effective campaigns.

Drive Traffic

Quiz helps you to drive more traffic to your website

Social media quizzes can be used to drive plenty of traffic to your website or other digital properties. Just include a link to your site in the quiz results for more information or ask participants to sign up for a discount coupon. Moreover, the fun, personalized results motivate the participants to share the quiz further, which increases your followers and engagement.

Build Brand Awareness

By creating quizzes aligning with your brand messaging and values, you can build brand awareness and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. In addition, exposing your social media audience to your fun quizzes will lead them to experience brand recall whenever they are looking for a product in your domain.

Increase Conversions

Quiz helps in Increasing lead conversions

Social media quizzes can also be used to generate more leads and increase conversions by including a call-to-action (CTA) in the quiz results or by offering contestants a special offer or discount for completing the quiz.

Boost Engagement

Social media quizzes are a fun and interactive way to engage with your audience. A quiz motivates them to participate and share the results with friends and followers, increasing your brand’s visibility.

How to Create an Engaging and Effective Social Media Quiz

1. Pick a Trending Topic

Please start by selecting a topic that is most relevant to your audience and likely to grab their attention immediately. For example, it could be related to your brand, industry, current events, or recent trends.

Tip: Running out of ideas? Try out this free Idea Generator tool to get some unique topic ideas.

2. Add Images or GIFs to Questions and Answers

Incorporate different types of visual content, such as images, videos, and GIFs, to make the quiz more engaging and attractive. For example, you can have your questions or answers in the form of quirky images to keep the audience hooked on your quiz.

Add an image to create engaging quiz

For example, take a look at this delicious quiz question that will make anybody want to participate in the quiz!

3. Optimize the Number of Questions

Once you have decided on the topic, create a list of engaging and interesting questions. The questions should be relevant to the topic and designed to challenge your audience’s knowledge or opinions.

But mind the number of questions. Make your quiz too long, and say goodbye to your audience! The ideal number of questions to have in a social media quiz is somewhere around 5 to 8. In addition, you can use a mixture of multiple-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions to make the quiz more interesting.

4. Add a Lead Generation FormAdd lead generation form  to collect data of your potential customers

Adding a lead generation form to your social media quiz allows you to gather valuable information about your audience, such as their contact details, preference, and interests. This information can be used to formulate targeted marketing campaigns and design personalized content for your audience. This ultimately increases engagement and builds a stronger relationship with your followers.

5. Personalize the Results Page

By customizing the quiz results to each individual’s responses, you can create a more engaging and interactive experience outcome for your audience. This personalized approach can help to keep your audience interested and invested in your content. It also motivates them to share their results with their friends and family and become loyal followers.

How to Use Social Media Quizzes to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Using social media quizzes can be a fun and effective way to catch up with your audience, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately get ahead of your competitors. Here are some tips on how to use them in the best way.

Choose the Right Platform

Consider choosing the social media platform where your target audience is most active and where your competitors are seeing maximum engagement. Once you’ve figured that out, start posting fun and engaging quizzes frequently to gain an advantage over your competitor’s traditional posts. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some popular platforms for quizzes.

Make it Shareable

Make sure your quiz is easy to share on social media by adding sharing buttons to your quiz results page. This can help increase the reach of your quiz and likely bring in new leads.

Embed on Website and Newsletters

Embedding your quiz on your website and including it in your email newsletters can help increase engagement with your audience and drive traffic through your website too.
For example, take a look at this show finder quiz by ASICS. They embedded this quiz on their website along with social media posts for a greater reach. This made choosing the right shoe super easy and customizable for the customers.

embed your quiz on website or newsletter to get more engagement


Include Branding

Make sure your quiz reflects your brand and includes your logo, colors, and messaging. This can help increase brand recognition and build trust with your audience.
Next time a user is looking for a product that you offer, they will recall your brand through this fun quiz. This may help increase sales conversions.

Analyze the Results

Use analytics tools to track the results of your quiz, which tells you about the quiz participants. For example, how many people took it, how many of them completed it, how many shares the quiz received, and what the results were – these are some of the many questions that your quiz maker analytics section can answer for you. This can help you understand your audience better and upgrade your future quizzes.

By following these tips, you can create more attractive and engaging social media quizzes that help you stand out from your competitor’s traffic to your website.

5 Effective Strategies for Creating a Winning Social Media Quiz?

1. Know your Audience and Their Pain Points

Understanding your target audience’s interests, preferences, and pain points is important before creating a social media quiz. This will help you craft questions and answers that are relevant to them.

Tip: Try using a poll or survey to ask them about their problems or needs. The best way to know your customers is to ask them directly!

2. Keep it Simple

Social media users have a short attention span, so keeping your quiz simple is essential to avoid audience ignorance.

Have a clean and witty title and description for the quiz. Avoid complex questions or answers that can confuse or frustrate users. Instead, use images as responses wherever you can, as images are more easily comprehended than text.

Also, keep the number of questions from 5 to 8, as mentioned previously. Moreover, have only 2-3 most important fields in your lead generation form. Otherwise, users are going to abandon it.

3. Provide Immediate Feedback

Provide immediate feedback after each question to keep the participant entertained and boosted. Immediate feedback is a critical element of a successful social media quiz. This can also help them learn and retain information, increasing the quiz’s effectiveness in achieving its goal.

4. Offer an Incentive


People love incentives, so consider offering a prize or reward to users who complete your quiz. This can be anything from a discount coupon code to a free product or service.

Participants who are motivated by an incentive would increase the overall completion rates of your quiz. They may also be more likely to provide accurate responses, which can improve the overall quality of the data collected.

Check out how LearnThatWord motivates its audience to finish their quiz by offering exciting rewards!

Give amazing reward and offer to attract your potential customers for completing quiz


5. Promote it Effectively

Even the best social media quiz won’t be effective if people don’t know about it. Promote your quiz on all your social media channels effectively and efficiently.

If you have an email list, send a newsletter or dedicated email promoting your quiz. Make sure to include a clear call-to-action and a link to the quiz.

You can further consider running social media ads to boost your quiz’s reach. Partnering with influencers or other brands is another great way to reach a wider and more relevant audience.

Ready to Create Your Social Media Quiz?

We discussed how creating an effective and engaging social media quiz can help businesses get ahead of their competitors. It helps you by increasing audience engagement and providing useful insights into their interests and preferences.

Some tried-and-tested strategies for creating winning social media quizzes include adding lead-generation forms and personalizing the results. So, by using the power of social media marketing, and personalizing the results to address customer pain points, businesses can achieve their marketing goals.

So, what’re you waiting for? Join the quiz campaign and engage your audience like never before! Sign up for our free trial today and find out how easy it is to create interactive quizzes that will keep your customers coming back for more.


To conduct a social media quiz, choose a relevant topic, create questions and answers, and use an effective quiz maker platform like Outgrow to build and finally publish your quiz on your social media handles.

Fun quiz questions include those that are interesting and engaging for the audience. They can be about a variety of topics, such as pop culture, sports, history, general knowledge, or even some personalized questions. Including some unexpected or tricky questions can also make a quiz more fun and challenging for participants. Here are some fun quiz questions:

  • What is the middle of Paris?
  • What school did Harry Potter attend?
  • On the menu, what is Bombay Duck?
  • Are worker bees male or female?
  • Which word is spelled wrong in every dictionary?
  • Choose an effective quiz creator platform
  • Select a topic, and create questions and answers
  • Modify the design and color themes
  • Create the results page and add a lead generation form
  • Finally, post the quiz on your website or social media channels

Outgrow is the best quiz app. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily create quizzes that are visually appealing, interactive, and optimized for mobile devices. Outgrow also offers a wide range of customizable templates, analytics, and integrations with popular marketing tools. The best part is that it is a no-code tool, and you can create content by using simple drag-and-drop elements.

Quizzes are a popular and attractive way to engage users on social media. It encourages them to interact and create brand awareness. These quizzes are sharable and easy to create and, most importantly, provide personalized results, leading to increased brand engagement and new potential customers.

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