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6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019
16th October 2019 Etee Dubey
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6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019

This blog details 6 niche marketing blogs that can help marketers keep abreast of the latest trends, news, and insights of the marketing world.

Learning in a classroom might just be considered ‘primitive’ now. Subscribing to a library might just be branded- wait for it- obsolete. Buying marketing books is expensive. What is IN then?

Two words- marketing blogs!

More specifically, the blogs of the companies that cater to digital marketing/advertising or offer products in similar niches. Yes, these are the FREE 24 carat solitaires that you need not dig up and polish. All you need to do is subscribe and read.

We have jotted down 6 niche marketing blogs that you need to read. Hop on to the list, and thank us later in the comments section. 😊

1. Anything CRM at SuperOffice

Customer relationship—the heart of any business—needs to be kept abreast every day to remain in the race. And there is no better stop than SuperOffice because they pride to have received a quarter-million views on many of their posts. Also, their CRM related guides have received close to 70K downloads. Now, these are some eye-popping numbers to boast of. Right?

6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019

Apart from regular posts and guides laced with vanilla yet peppy images, they house some fantastic video tutorials that hit right with the learners because they go beyond their own products.

6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019

They write about email marketing, budgeting in CRM, GDPR, customer engagement and even publish various benchmark reports. What’s more, their articles are loaded with statistics. GetVoip mentioned SuperOffice as an industry leader. And we, for one, don’t disagree!


Get yourself started with their top 10 posts. We love the simplicity of the factual posts- analytical in nature, and evidently well researched.

2. Interactive Marketing with Outgrow

Content may be king, but interactive content takes away the crown every time. And in turn it offers you high engagement, lead generation, increased traffic and whatnot! Outgrow publishes everything there is to know about interactive content and more.

6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019

They publish from long form posts to statistics to case studies to guides. These blogs offer you facts, numbers, examples and everything they can to get to you. Their blogs are also full of ‘how-to’ posts that will guide you through their own product. These blogs are comprehensive and detailed enough to help you out.

Apart from this, Outgrow frequently posts recommendations on marketing tools, blogs, (just like this one) content ideas and sources to help you take your marketing skills up a notch! You will find that they post 3-4 blogs almost every week on a great variety of topics. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe now. And if you’re still skeptical, read their best blog posts on their website.

3. All about Conversion Optimization with OptinMonster

Conversion turns out to be the deadliest evil if it turns away from you. And when it decides to fall in your favor, consider it your lucky day. But what makes your visitors convert? Opt-in forms that are done right!

6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019

OptinMonster is the school of knowledge with words that shed light on opt-in forms and how to make them more enticing for your users. Typically, they publish comprehensive and long-form posts that are highly compelling and backed by a lot of statistics. Their trademark is exit intent technology that shows this-is-exactly-what-I-need pop-ups during users’ exit.


Their how-to posts on each itsy-bitsy marketing process—like this one—are nothing less than a full-fledged tutorial. You will be amazed to see their listicles mentioning more than 20, sometimes even 30+ options. By the time you plan to amend your conversion strategy based on their latest post, you will find a new one ready to devour because they post at least twice a week. Exhaustive, isn’t it?

Still not applying to this school? Then, read one of our favorite posts that mentions 36 conversion optimization tools, and we bet, some of these are unknown to even pros.

4. Tame Mobile Marketing Wiki at LeanPlum

Mobile marketing is not only crucial with every head leaning towards a handheld device these days, but it is also tedious. In fact, it needs a dedicated section in a library having only marketing books! If only, libraries weren’t obsolete!  But don’t worry, LeanPlum has got you covered.

6 Niche Marketing Blogs You Need to Read in 2019

Push notifications, UX analysis of mobile apps, and mobile optimization for emails are some of the areas they often spill the beans about. They dig deep in analyzing tactics so that you don’t need to shuffle through any other blog. Look at how they cracked the emoji-mania in the push notification. 😊 Now, who doesn’t love emojis!


Bookmark their neatly collated glossary, and delve into learning every textbook knowledge you can think of in this niche. LeanPlum also hosts webinars from industry experts, which you can attend and ace up your sleeves in mobile marketing.

5. Crack Every Test With ConversionXL Guidance

Remember the guides of important questions you used in Uni before the exams? ConversionXL is the same. Only it can be used to pass every possible test and experiment in digital marketing. Their posts, like this one to master A/B testing, are well-researched, exemplified, and image-loaded to keep you hooked.

They have a whole new set of topics discussed in psychology too that can be used by the marketers—novice and pro—as digital marketing is a lot about understanding and then harnessing the users’ mindset. Did we hear a big YES? Read this fantastic post to assure yourself.


ConversionXL houses an online institute with courses on marketing, analytics, and testing. At a nominal monthly membership, you can access all the courses designed by the industry experts. They also run a vlog on YouTube named ‘The Pep Show’.

6. Learn the nuances of Disruptive Advertising

Popularly known for the discovery that only 12% of the keywords produce revenue, Disruptive Advertising is the road you want to drive on while learning PPC.

Their team provides insights on all topics related to paid advertising, LinkedIn advertising, and CRO. All the posts are full of industry research and actionable tips on general marketing topics. Take this post that cites the role of images in paid search advertising: conversational tone with apt images mentioning the what, why, and how of Google’s gallery ads.


The team at Disruptive Advertising throws a learning challenge to the readers by publishing almost daily. They discuss topics like eCommerce, landing pages, analytics, site optimizations, and email tactics; these topics are the powerhouse of knowledge for learners in digital marketing. Take a look at this guide on acing the Black Friday sale with Facebook ads. Check out their innovative knowledge dissemination ways!

While they also talk about graphic design—because of course, what is ad world without awesome images—their own featured images are amazingly touched with dramatic effects to invite the readers. A lovely blog to stop at, indeed!

Parting Words

Well, we cannot end without spreading a few good words about the Outgrow blog, for we pride ourselves on a blog with so many marketing topics under one umbrella. However, if you're combing through niche marketing blogs for news and research on interactive content, you know where to find us

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