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Outgrow Product Update For August 2019

Guess what? It’s August already. And you know what they say- August is the time for changes! We are guessing that you know where we are going with this.
Yes- It’s time for the latest Outgrow product update. So, what have we got in store for you this time? Follow us!

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1) Scheduling the Confirmation Email

We are always aiming to make our tool faster and more intuitive. And that is exactly what inspired us to make this change.

Our users wanted to have control over the email trigger delay whenever the lead data was collected. In other words, they wanted to ensure that their leads received the email after a specific amount of time. We understood that every one of our clients has a different idea of the ‘specific time’. So, voila! From now on, our users will be able to decide at what time the email notification will be triggered once the lead has used the interactive experience!

2) Visual Aid in Chatbots

We have been talking a lot about the importance of chatbots. After all, 56% of people would rather message than call customer service. And now that we know that a lot of our leads might be sourced from chatbots, keeping them engaged becomes a priority.

Hence, we upgraded our tool to include images and GIFs in our chatbot build as well.

Product Update August 2019

3) Allow Redirect To URL on every question

Earlier, the option to redirect was permitted on the last question. However, now it can be done from every question.

4) Tokyo Format Upgraded

You now have the ability to place a lead generation with the questions in the Tokyo format. Since Tokyo is a real-time format, you will be able to place the lead generation form right beside your questions!
You can choose to keep your lead gen form during, before or after the form.

Product Update August 2019

5) Rank Field Type   

We have added a new question type now. It will be available in the Chicago, Paris and Stockholm templates. How will it work? Well, it enables you to rank your options from 1 to X. (x is the number of options).

A) Just head over to your Dashboard

B) Select ‘Ranking Grid’ as your question type

Product Update August 2019

6) New Embed Type

We have included a new embed type called a ‘Floating Rectangle’. You can customize the background color, embed text and font size according to your requirements.

Product Update august 2019


So, that was all we had in store for this month. What are your thoughts on the same? What other changes would you like to see on Outgrow!

Let us know! 🙂

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