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Outgrow Product Update for January 2021

Folks, we know you’re back into the grind and so are we (to be fair, we never stopped). It’s a new year and we have lots in store for you. So, welcome to Outgrow’s January 2021 product update.

Accessibility for All Users

Users can now build interactive experiences on Outgrow that are accessible as per the WCAG standards. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines aim to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Through this product update, we aim to offer a more inclusive user experience.

Outgrow product update 2021

This feature is currently available on our Stockholm and Auckland layout and we will soon introduce it to others. So, stay tuned!

Your Favorite Layout Now in Other Content Types

Yep, you heard it right. The Paris layout (our personal favorite!) is now available for other content types – namely, assessments, forms, and eCommerce recommendations.

We know how much you loved them in our quizzes and calculators. And so we used our magic wand (that’s what we call our tech team out of love) to grant your wishes!

Better Answer Keys for Assessments

Assessments are fun and interactive tools for your marketing campaigns. In fact, organizations like Amazon and WHO have used assessments to check users’ knowledge on their respective industry topics.

So now, we have made the assessment experience even more exciting and enriching for our users. The answer keys for these assessments are intuitive with correct and incorrect answers clearly stated. And what’s more, it also has a better interface. 


So what are you waiting for? Create an assessment now!

Constant Contact in Our Launch in Email Feature

As you might know, you can increase the CTR of your email marketing campaign by embedding Outgrow experiences in your emails. With this product update, Outgrow’s launch in email feature will be compatible with Constant Contact. Constant Contact is one of the leading email marketing providers.

In order to use this feature, you can simply navigate to the ‘Launch in Email’ tab in the Configure section; choose the Constant Contact integration; copy the code and paste it into Constant Contact’s email marketing tool.

Email marketing tool

Automatically Resetting Countdown in Outgrow Contests

Love our giveaways and contests? Well, now you’ll love them even more.

With this new product update, we have made it super easy for you to run marketing campaigns around giveaways and contests for as long as you want. Yes! So now, you don’t have to manually change the timer every time the previous deadline on a giveaway or contest ends.

Head over to the builder and simply click- “Recurring” on the dropdown menu available on the “Edit Page Properties” tab under the head “End Date”.

Outgrow product update 2021

Additionally, you can set the recurring frequency to weekly or monthly according to your requirements.

Did you know that on average over 34% of new customers are acquired through contests?

So what are you waiting for? Create contests now!

Munchkin Native Tracking

Tracking leads from multiple platforms can be tedious. But if you’re a Marketo user this might be the right time to pause and thank your stars. Because we just introduced Munchkin tracking natively to Outgrow.

As you might know, Munchkin is Marketo’s custom Javascript tracking code that tracks visitors on websites and landing pages. These visits and clicks are necessary to create marketing campaigns centered around this target audience.

These activities are then recorded with a key that corresponds to a “_mkto_trk” cookie set in the lead’s browser, and Marketo uses this to keep track of the same person’s activities. Normally, association to lead records occurs when a lead clicks through from a Marketo email or fills out a Marketo form, but since you are using Outgrow’s lead generation form to collect user data, we’re going to associate lead data by making a Marketo form submission in the background. All you have to do is to go to your Marketo account to copy your Munchkin ID. Copy the code snippet that shows up and add it to the external scripts section of your Outgrow content piece. That’s it. You’re good to go!

And the best part, this native integration is available on all pricing plans!


Native Integration With Klaviyo

When you tell us something, we take note. That’s why we at Outgrow have introduced native integration with Klaviyo – an eCommerce platform that helps you create marketing campaigns.

This integration was originally available via Zapier. However, a native integration allows for a more seamless collection and transfer of data between tools.

So you can now use interactive content while selling online and boost sales via this native integration!

View Mappings for All Integrations

Our view mappings feature allows you to check configurations with other software and recognize discrepancies if any.


After you set up an integration you can expect this ‘eye’con (see what we did there?) and once you click on it you’ll see the configurations of all your mapped fields.

Outgrow product update 2021

Previously, to check the configurations of an integration you had to follow a 3-step procedure of – selecting the reconfigure option – selecting a list/tag wherever applicable – proceeding to check the fields and making changes.

Now, through this feature, with just one click you can view the configurations within all the integrations.

BIG PRODUCT UPDATE (drum rolls please)

COVID has been hard on founders and businesses and we at Outgrow want to do our bit to lessen the impact of this crisis by offering 2 new plans –

Free Plan

We wanted more and more folks to try and love Outgrow. Especially during COVID when times have been tough. And so, we introduced our free plan. You can expect to create up to 5 Surveys and Forms. You’ll have 5 wonderful layouts to work with – Chicago, Stockholm, Greek, Madrid, and Venice. And that’s not all, you’ll have standard access to integrations, analytics and tracking, formulas, and logic jumps. You can also embed these Outgrow experiences ANYWHERE for FREE.

So guess what you have to do now? Sign up!

Startup Special

For all the folks out there who are founders of SMBs and startups, we have jolly good news for you. The startup special offers all content types from quizzes to calculators to chatbots and other Outgrow content types along with all layouts. You can create up to 6 experiences and embed them anywhere. Additionally, you’ll have access to advanced integrations and features including logic jumps and complex calculations in the builder. You’ll have full access to charts tables and graphs to make your experience more attractive. Moreover, you get standard access to analytics and tracking. You can expect all of this and much more for just $55 pm on annual billing.

Go check out the startup special now and feel free to reach out to our team for more information to see if you qualify.

Until Next Time…

Phew, done with all the major product updates of the month. But of course, apart from these, we have made numerous UX changes to help our users better navigate the tool, and make our clients’ users fall in love with the Outgrow experience. But before you forget, leave a comment and share your suggestions. We look forward to providing a richer experience as we grow and learn together!

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