How to Create a Fantastic Quiz Funnel

How to Create a Fantastic Quiz Funnel [Steps + Brand Examples]

Are you struggling to get clicks, conversions, and sales? Getting customers’ attention today is way more complex than it was back in the day. There are a lot of factors to be considered; so many strategies to be tested. While that may be the case, there’s one fool-proof method that is known to give results – a quiz funnel!

What exactly is a quiz funnel and how to create one? Well, we will answer all these questions and more in this blog. So stick around till the end for tips, best practices, and 7 fantastic quiz funnel examples from brands who have nailed the strategy!

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is a Quiz Funnel?

Outgrow's Quiz Funnel

Before getting to the quiz funnel, we need to understand what a marketing funnel is.

A marketing funnel describes the customer journey from awareness to purchase. It is a visual representation of how customers move through the different stages of the buying process.

The funnel is divided into these four stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Consideration
  4. Purchase

The marketing funnel is a helpful tool for understanding the customer journey and for developing marketing campaigns that are tailored to each stage of the funnel. By understanding the different stages of the funnel, you can create content and offers that are relevant and helpful to potential customers at each stage.

For instance, a swing trading alert service could strategically target prospects at various funnel stages, offering educational content for those in the awareness stage, free trials for those in the consideration stage, and personalized consultations for those in the decision stage.

So, now that you know what a marketing funnel is, let’s get to know what a quiz funnel is.

A quiz funnel is a marketing funnel that helps you turn your prospective leads into customers with the help of an engaging quiz.

Let’s see what a quiz funnel for a yoga center might look like.

A quiz funnel, designed for a yoga center, will engage and convert potential clients into dedicated yoga practitioners. It’s more than just a series of sentences; it’s a strategic journey tailored to guide your potential clients toward becoming your customers.

Here’s what a quiz funnel for a yoga center might look like:

  1. Introduction: Start with an inviting and informative introduction to the quiz. Highlight the benefits of yoga and the impact it can have on one’s physical and mental well-being.
  2. Personalization: The quiz begins by asking questions that help understand the individual’s fitness goals, health concerns, and preferences. This step personalizes the experience and shows that you care about their unique needs.
  3. Tailored Recommendations: Based on the answers provided, the quiz generates tailored yoga recommendations. It suggests specific yoga styles, classes, or programs that align with the individual’s goals and preferences.
  4. Benefits Showcase: Highlight the benefits of yoga practice, such as improved flexibility, stress reduction, and mental clarity. Share success stories or testimonials from your yoga center to build trust.
  5. Call to Action: Encourage the quiz-taker to take action. This can include options to book a trial class, sign up for a yoga program, or receive a personalized yoga plan. Make it easy for them to get started on their yoga journey.
  6. Follow-Up: After the quiz, follow up with tailored emails, offering more information, class schedules, and promotions. Keep the engagement alive and build a relationship with potential clients.

This user-centric experience not only informs individuals about the benefits of yoga but also guides them toward taking the first step in their yoga journey.

But to create such a quiz funnel, you require a quiz builder tool that is easy to operate. Customization will be required at every step of the way to provide a customer-centric experience. This will enable you to engage your customers, generate leads, and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

It’s evident how the proper quiz and quiz builder can help you create a quiz funnel to skyrocket your sales. Read on to find out the steps to ensure you can create your own quiz funnel easily.

How to Create a Quiz Funnel

As we have already discussed above, creating a quiz funnel is an effective way to engage your audience, generate leads, and provide valuable insights to your visitors. Follow these steps to create a quiz funnel:

1. Know Your Audience

It is important to understand your target audience before creating a quiz funnel. This will help you to choose a relevant topic and to create questions that will appeal to your audience.

Here are some steps you can take to precisely know your different customer profiles when planning a quiz funnel:

  • Create Buyer Personas: Develop detailed buyer personas for your target audience. Each persona should represent a distinct customer segment with unique characteristics, needs, and preferences. Consider demographics, interests, pain points, and behavior.
  • Conduct Surveys: Gather direct feedback from your current customers and leads. Conduct surveys to gain insights into what motivates them, their goals, and the challenges they face. Ask open-ended questions to uncover valuable qualitative data.
  • Data Segmentation: Segment your email lists and customer databases based on specific criteria like location, purchase history, or interaction with your content. This allows for more personalized and targeted communication.

By following these actionable steps, you’ll be able to tailor your quiz funnel to resonate with each unique segment of your audience.

2. Choose an Engaging Topic

The topic of your quiz should be something that your target audience is interested in. You can use surveys or social media polls to get feedback from your audience and to identify potential quiz topics.

Here are some steps you can take to choose a topic for your quiz funnel:

  • Analyze Your Content: Review your existing content, blog posts, and website analytics. Identify which topics have got the most engagement, comments, and shares. This can reveal topics that resonate with your audience’s interest.
  • Keyword Research: Use keyword research tools such as SemRush or Buzzsumo to explore trending and relevant topics within your niche. Look for keywords with high search volume and low competition. These keywords can inspire quiz topics.
  • Competitor Analysis: Study your competitors and industry leaders. Analyze the topics they cover and the content that performs well. While you don’t want to copy, you can find inspiration from their success.

3. Pick the Quiz-Maker Tool That Suits Your Needs

There are several different quiz-maker tools available. Now, you can even create your own quiz without writing a single line of code with the help of no-code tools. These tools let you customize your quiz from start to finish.

One of the best quiz funnel builder tools available in the market is Outgrow. With its no-code functionality and the availability of numerous premade templates, making an engaging quiz is just a few clicks away.

You can try Outgrow’s quiz maker here.

4. Create Your Quiz and Promote It

Once you have chosen a topic and a quiz-maker tool, you can start creating your quiz. Be sure to create questions that are engaging and informative. Once your quiz is created, promote it on your website and social media pages.

5. Analyze Your Results

Once you have collected some results from your quiz, you need to analyze them to see what they tell you about your audience. This information can help you to improve your quiz and to develop more effective marketing campaigns.

Best Practices While Creating a Quiz Funnel

1. Make Your Quiz Mobile-Friendly

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet, so it’s important to ensure your quiz is optimized for mobile devices. Your quiz must look and function seamlessly on smaller screens.

Did you know: 90 percent of the world’s population uses mobile devices? It is predicted that by 2025, the number of mobile users is expected to reach 7.49 billion!

2. Keep Your Quiz Short and to the Point

People have short attention spans, so it’s important to keep your quiz under 10 minutes long. If your quiz is too long, people are more likely to abandon it before they finish. A shorter quiz is more likely to be completed, and you’ll get more data from your audience.

If you need to ask more than 10 questions, consider breaking your quiz into multiple parts. This will make the quiz more manageable for your audience and less likely to overwhelm them.

For example: You can take a look at Outgrow’s quiz funnel template “The Ultimate Summer Destination Quiz”.

Outgrow's The Ultimate Summer Destination Quiz

Instead of bombarding users with so many quiz funnel questions that they get bored, you just ask relevant and required questions. This ensures that the user is also engaged and you too get the required information.

3. Offer a Prize or Incentive for Completing Your Quiz

Offering a prize or incentive for completing your quiz is a great way to motivate people to take your quiz and provide you with their contact information. This is because people are more likely to do something if they know they have a chance to win something.

The type of prize or incentive you offer will depend on your target audience and your business goals. For example, if you sell e-commerce software, you could offer a discount on your software to people who complete your quiz. If you sell e-books, you could offer a free e-book to people who complete your quiz.

For example, you can create a quiz like “Test Your Nutrition IQ” and score people based on their answers.

Outgrow's Test Your Nutrition Quiz

Based on the number of correct answers provided, an e-commerce website could present the quiz takers with a gift. This will not only increase their customer engagement but also result in more sign-ups are people are always inclined towards incentives.

You can also offer different prizes or incentives based on the results of your quiz. For example, you could offer a bigger prize to people who get a high score on your quiz than to people who get a low score.

By offering a prize or incentive for completing your quiz, you can encourage more people to take your quiz and provide you with their contact information. This way you can use your quiz for lead generation and increasing sales.

4. Don’t Forget to Nurture Those New Sales

Sure, you made the quiz funnel, shared it across, and even received loads of mentions and likes on social media. But the most important part is yet to come. And that is to nurture your new customers!

Effectively engaging your customers and addressing their queries through a quiz funnel ensures that your new customers won’t feel neglected or abandoned during their journey.

We’ve now learned quite a lot about quiz funnels. Wondering why you should create your quiz funnel on Outgrow? We’ve got the answers below!

Benefits of Quiz Funnel


1. Increase Engagement With Your Brand

Quiz funnels are a quick, cost-effective, and interactive way for potential customers to engage with your company. You can create and share quiz funnels on your social media channels, website, blog page, and email newsletter campaigns to boost engagement on social media and increase click-through rates.

Wondering where to create your first quiz funnel? Try Outgrow for FREE now!

2. Generate Interest in Your Product & Boost Sales

Another advantage is its personalization feature. And that means you can even use them as a platform to promote your product. Simply create a quiz on a topic related to your brand, and give personalized product recommendations in your results.

Creating hype and boosting your conversion rates is a task quiz funnels are capable of handling very well.

For instance, let’s look at this sports watch recommendation quiz by Outgrow –

Outgrow's Sports Watch Recommendation Quiz

This quiz is useful for customers as it provides them with the most appropriate options, thus helping them narrow their choices. Similarly, it allows you to gain valuable insight into your customer’s preferences for future targeting campaigns.

3. Collect Data and Segment Your Customers

Adding this very useful feature to the benefits mentioned above is what makes quiz funnels stand out from other marketing tactics. Quiz funnels can automatically group your customers (old and new) into categories based on their preferences and responses to the quiz.

This, in turn, makes it effortlessly easier for you to create and share future retargeting campaigns.

If you’re still unsure about how quiz funnels work in the real world, we’re here with some kickass examples!

Mind-Boggling Quiz Funnel Examples

1. Warby Parker

Warby Parker's Quiz

Let’s look at Warby Parker for our first quiz funnel example. Warby Parker is an online retail brand mostly focusing on eyewear. In the age of online shopping after the pandemic, providing convenient ways to shop is key for e-commerce brands.

That’s why Warby Parker created their content piece to help customers with their online purchases. They shared a quiz that allowed customers to pick their face width, frame material, shape, and size to find a frame of their choice from a multitude of options offered by the eyewear brand.

This was undoubtedly a hassle-free method for customers to get a real-time look at how the products fit on their faces while sitting at home.

2. Macroscape

Macroscape's Bike Finder Quiz

Next up, we have a home quiz funnel example. Macroscape, a marketing consultancy firm, used Outgrow to create a quiz funnel. They were in search of a cost-effective and hassle-free method for boosting the sales and engagement rates of their client. They ultimately decided to create a quiz funnel to do just that.

The bike finder quiz they created allowed users to pick their new bike based on different parameters, and that ended up being a huge success for Macroscape’s client. They gained a whopping 36,000 visits, 14,000 leads and increased their conversion rates by 39%.

Macroscape’s content piece was a great example of a product recommendation quiz funnel. Want to read more about how you can create your product recommendation quiz? Check out our blog here!

3. Living Proof

Living Proof’s quiz is a personalized hair care quiz that helps customers choose the right products for their hair type and concerns. The quiz asks customers a series of questions about their hair, such as their hair type, texture, and concerns. Based on the customer’s answers, the quiz recommends a personalized hair care routine that includes shampoo, conditioner, stylers, and treatments.

Living Proof's Haircare Quiz

Living Proof’s quiz is powered by AI and machine learning, which means that it can learn from the data it collects to provide more accurate recommendations over time. The quiz also takes into account the latest hair care trends and technologies so customers can be sure that they are getting the best possible recommendations.

4. Sephora

Sephora’s quiz is a great way for customers to learn more about their skin and find the right products to help them achieve their beauty goals.

Sephora's Skincare Quiz

Sephora’s quiz, commonly known as the “Sephora Virtual Artist Quiz,” is an innovative and interactive online tool that allows customers to find their ideal makeup and beauty products with personalized recommendations.

By answering a series of questions about their skin type, beauty preferences, and makeup style, users receive tailored product suggestions from Sephora’s extensive range of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances.


Hims’ quiz is a user-friendly online assessment designed to help individuals address common men’s health concerns discreetly.

HIMS' Quiz

This quiz leverages the convenience of telemedicine and e-commerce to connect users with medical professionals who can provide personalized treatment plans and, if necessary, prescribe medications. It’s part of Hims’ mission to destigmatize men’s health issues and provide accessible solutions for concerns that men may be reluctant to discuss in person.

6. ThirdLove

ThirdLove is an apparel brand that offers a unique online quiz called the “Fit Finder” to help customers find their perfect fit. The Fit Finder quiz is designed to provide a more personalized and accurate sizing recommendation, as finding the right size can be a challenge for many people.

ThirdLove's Quiz

The Fit Finder quiz is designed to make it easier for customers to find clothes that not only fit well but also cater to their unique preferences and needs.

7. Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty’s quiz is a short and fun quiz that helps users find the perfect Rare Beauty products for their skin type and needs. The quiz asks questions about the user’s skin type, skin tone, and makeup preferences. The quiz results are then used to provide the user with a personalized selection of Rare Beauty products.

Rare Beauty's Quiz

Rare Beauty’s quiz is a great example of how a brand can use quizzes to connect with its customers on a deeper level. By providing a personalized and inclusive experience, Rare Beauty is building a loyal customer base that trusts the brand to recommend the right products for them.


Quiz funnels may sound confusing to many. And that is why a lot of us skim over this effortless but cost-effective way to gain so much for our brands. But we hope that this blog helped you understand that boosting your sales will not be a hassle anymore.

Outgrow, an industry leader in creating interactive content like quizzes can surely help you get ahead of your competitors. And the best part is, there is a 7-day free trial! So, what are you waiting for?

Start creating your quiz funnel today and see your conversion rates soar!


To make a fantastic lead magnet quiz, follow these steps:

  • Create an amazing quiz using Outgrow’s software
  • Ensure you add visual elements such as images/gifs/videos to make it go viral
  • Keep questions short and to the point
  • Add a lead generation form wherever you want in the quiz to keep those new leads coming!

Quizzes are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. By understanding the main features of a quiz, you can create a quiz that is effective and engaging for your audience.

The main features of a quiz are:

  • Questions: Quizzes are made up of questions that are designed to assess the user’s knowledge, skills, or preferences.
  • Answers: Quizzes usually have multiple-choice answers, but they can also have other types of answers, such as short answer, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank.
  • Feedback: Quizzes often provide feedback to the user after they answer each question. This feedback can be used to help the user learn and improve.
  • Scoring: Quizzes often assign a score to the user based on their answers. This score can be used to rank users or to track their progress over time.

The Quiz Funnel Formula is a step-by-step process for creating a quiz funnel that converts leads into customers.

The Quiz Funnel Formula consists of six steps:

  • Define your goal
  • Choose a topic
  • Create a quiz
  • Promote your quiz
  • Analyze your results
  • Segment your audience

By following the Quiz Funnel Formula, you can create a quiz funnel that will help you achieve your goals.

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