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How to Create a Fantastic Quiz Funnel

Quizzes are an excellent way to boost your eCommerce sales. And now, you can easily leverage them in your marketing campaigns by creating a quiz funnel that works! Wondering how to do that? You’re in the right place! Read on to learn all about what makes a fantastic quiz funnel, plus how you can create your own using Outgrow! 😀

Let’s start off with the basics.

What Is a Quiz Funnel?

quiz funnel


A quiz funnel is a kind of marketing funnel that helps you turn your prospective leads into customers. Just like other marketing activities such as blog posts, emails, landing pages, etc., an effective quiz funnel will work to ultimately convince visitors to complete a purchase from you.

However, a quiz marketing funnel is a carefully crafted process – a path designed by you for your potential clients to follow and eventually become a customer.

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 Quiz funnels are gaining popularity day by day due to various reasons. Let’s see what those are!

 It’s evident how the proper quiz and quiz builder can help you create a quiz funnel to skyrocket your sales. Read on to find out the steps to ensuring you can create your own quiz funnel easy-peasy

How to Create a Marketing Quiz Funnel?

1. Create an Amazing Quiz

Although this first step may seem daunting at first glance, it’s nothing to worry about! You should simply ensure that you follow the following guidelines-

a. Make sure your quiz funnel is relevant to the products/services you sell. Your quiz should ideally be a representation of your brand.

b. Additionally, you should make sure your quiz questions are straightforward and easy for your quiz takers to follow.

A simple way to make sure your quiz is entertaining for your audience is by including visual elements such as images/videos/gifs in your question or answer responses to make the quiz more appealing and enticing.

Wanna dive deeper into how you can create your own quiz? Check out our blog below!

How to create a quiz

c. Use lead generation forms to gather new leads from your quiz. A lead generation form on your quiz funnel will allow you to gather users’ contact information and this, in turn, will be priceless for your next email newsletter campaign.

Moreover, you should ensure that the form placement is right. A good lead generation form works only when it’s placed correctly.

d. Speaking of, another way to increase the impressiveness of your quiz is by integrating your quiz with any email platform. This way, you can send notifications and follow-up emails based on the user’s preferences they filled or how they scored in the quiz.

2.  Create Awareness About Your Quiz

Simply following the steps mentioned above would not be sufficient to create a successful quiz funnel. You should also ensure that your customers know about this tool on your channels. This can make their purchases fun and easy while allowing you to gain valuable insights into your customers.

How can you do that? By sharing the quiz funnel with the world! Make sure to put up a post/link to the quiz funnel in your social media channels. You can also promote it through your blogs, website, landing pages, etc. by linking or embedding. Moreover, you can embed the quiz funnel in your email newsletters too to boost your eCommerce email marketing rates!

3. Don’t Forget to Nurture Those New Sales

Sure, you made the quiz funnel, shared it across, and even received loads of mentions and likes on social media. But the most important part is yet to come. And that is to nurture your new customers!

The most effective Engaging with your customers and providing solutions to any queries they may have through a quiz funnel will make sure your new customers do not feel neglected or abandoned halfway.

We’ve now learned quite a lot about quiz funnels. Wondering why you should create your quiz funnel on Outgrow? We’ve got the answers below!

Benefits of a Quiz Funnel

benefits of quiz funnel
Benefits of Quiz Funnel

1.  Increase Engagement With Your Brand

By creating and sharing a quiz funnel, you give any potential customer a quick, cost-effective, and interactive way to engage with your company. Once you create a quiz funnel, you can share it on your social media channels, website, blog page, etc. to give your customers a quick chance to interact with your brand.

In addition to that, quizzes of any sort, even in quiz funnels, can easily help you boost your click-through rates if you share or incorporate them in your email newsletter campaigns. So many amazing ways to boost engagement on social media and otherwise with just one quiz funnel! Isn’t it great?

Wondering where to create your first quiz funnel? Try Outgrow for FREE now!

2.  Generate Interest in Your Product & Boost Sales

Another advantage is its personalization feature. And that means you can even use them as a platform to promote your product. Simply create a quiz on a topic related to your brand, and give personalized product recommendations in your results.

Creating hype and intrigue about your services and boosting your conversion rates is a task quiz funnels are capable of handling very well.

For instance, let’s look at this e-commerce recommendation quiz by Outgrow –

sport watch quiz funnel

This quiz is useful for customers as it provides them with the most appropriate options thus helping them narrow their choices. Similarly, it allows you to gain valuable insight into your customer’s preferences for future targeting campaigns.

3.  Segment Your Customers

Adding this very useful feature to the benefits mentioned above is what makes quiz funnels stand out from other marketing tactics. Quiz funnels can automatically group your customers (old and new) into categories based on their preferences and responses to the quiz.

This, in turn, makes it effortlessly easier for you to create and share future retargeting campaigns.

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If you’re still unsure about how quiz funnels work in the real world, we’re here with some kickass examples!

Mind-Boggling Quiz Funnel Examples

1.  Warby Parker

Warby parker quiz funnel

Let’s look at Warby Parker for our first quiz funnel example. Warby Parker is an online retail brand mostly focusing on eyewear. And in the age of online shopping amidst a pandemic, providing convenient ways to shop is key for e-commerce brands.

That’s why Warby Parker created their content piece to help customers with their online purchases. They shared a quiz that allowed customers to pick their face width, frame material, shape, and size to find a frame of their choice from a multitude of options offered by the eyewear brand.

This was undoubtedly a hassle-free method for customers to get a real-time look at how the products fit on their faces while sitting at home.

2.  Macroscape

Macroscape quiz funnel example

Next up, we have a home quiz funnel example. Macroscape, a marketing consultancy firm, used Outgrow to create a quiz funnel. One of our clients was in search of a cost-effective and hassle-free method for boosting their sales and engagement rates. They ultimately decided to create a quiz funnel to do just that.

The quiz they created allowed users to pick their new bike based on different parameters and that ended up being a huge success for Macroscape’s client.  They gained a whopping 36,000 visits, 14,000 leads and increased their conversion rates by 39%.

Macroscape’s content piece was a great example of a product recommendation quiz funnel. Want to read more about how you can create your own product recommendation quiz? Check out our blog here!

Why Use Outgrow for Your Quiz Funnel?  

Outgrow’s quiz maker is notable due to many reasons.Let’s list a few for you:

– No-code, hassle-free experience

Outgrow’s quiz builder has no prerequisites in terms of coding! You can simply build the quiz funnel of your needs with our drag-and-drop builder. And that makes it the most easy-to-use quiz funnel software out there!

– WYSIWYG editor

What You See Is What You Get is at the heart of the Outgrow experience, and our builder is no different. This feature allows you to preview every change or edit you make in your content piece as and when you make it, thus clarifying the whole editing process. Similarly, this feature also allows you to make any edit you want, from the color scheme to the position of your logo on the quiz funnel. Every quiz funnel you make will truly be yours.

– Multiple premade templates

Unsure about how to create your interactive content from scratch? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Outgrow offers you multiple templates catering to multiple use cases for different industries. Thus, you can simply pick the most suitable one for your use case, tweak and make adjustments as needed and you’re done! Simple as ABC with Outgrow 😀

– Endless integration options

From Zapier, Mailchimp, HubSpot all the way to GetResponse, Unbounce, and many, many, more. Outgrow’s integration options cover all the major platforms you can imagine sharing your quiz data through to.

– Numerous embedding choices

No matter how you’d want to share your quiz further – like a pop-up, pull-page embed, or even as a chatbot – Outgrow’s got you covered. Read everything about how you can embed your Outgrow content here.


Quiz funnels may sound confusing to many. And that is why a lot of us skim over this effortless but cost-effective way to gain so much for our brands. But we hope that this blog helped you understand that boosting your sales and will be a hassle no more.


1. How do I make a lead magnet quiz?

a. Create an amazing quiz using Outgrow’s software

b. Ensure to add visual elements such as images/gifs/videos to make it go viral

c. Keep questions short and to the point

d. Add a lead generation form wherever you want in the quiz to keep those new leads coming!

2. What is the best free online quiz maker?

Outgrow’s online quiz maker takes the crown. Its no-code builder makes creating your own quiz an efficient experience. It comes with a variety of pre-made templates, customizations, integrations, and analytics features.

3. How can I create a sales funnel for free?

Simply sign up for your FREE trial at Outgrow, and go ahead by creating your very own quiz sales funnel for FREE!

Eager to create your own quiz funnel already?

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