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How to Create Online Trivia Quiz – Quick Tutorial

Trivia quizzes are increasing in popularity. They act as quick sources of infotainment and keep boredom at bay. Ever wondered how you can create an online trivia quiz of your own? Well, if you have, then you’re in the right place!

Creating trivia quizzes for fun is effortlessly easy with the right trivia maker. In fact, an interactive quiz such as trivia can be much more than just fun. Furthermore, this blog will outline several benefits of making a trivia quiz, some real case studies, and top trivia quiz ideas. We’ll also show you how to create one yourself. So, let’s get started!

What Is an Online Trivia Quiz?

create online trivia quiz

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An online quiz can take various forms – fun quiz, personality quiz, Kahoot quiz, BuzzFeed quiz, etc. And trivia quizzes are another form of online quizzes. They are mostly created to increase engagement, build curiosity, or simply entertain the participants.

A trivia quiz questions participants on popular topics. It is mostly taken for fun and is often considered unimportant.

Why then, should you create an online trivia quiz of your own? We’ll tell you! Keep reading!

What Are the Benefits of General Trivia Quizzes?

1.    Make Online Learning More Fun

With the increasing popularity of online learning, teachers are having a tough time keeping their students focused and engaged. However, this task becomes easy with the usage of interactive content types like quizzes.

Teachers can easily create online trivia quizzes to share with their students. Because of their entertaining nature, they can help teachers to keep their students engaged and test their knowledge at the same time.

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2.    Make Large Scale Events Even Better

Attending large-scale events like concerts is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity. Coupling a concert with a trivia quiz can double the fun! In other words, trivia quizzes have been gaining popularity as a way to keep attendants in large-scale gatherings entertained throughout the show.

Even lecturers at Deakin University agree! Pub trivia is becoming more and more popular in British and Australian societies, especially with several pubs hosting trivia nights regularly. Encouraging audiences at any event to participate in trivia quizzes is undeniably a sure-shot way to foster relationships, keep everyone entertained, and even exercise our frontal cortex while we’re at it!

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3.    Make Lead Generation Effortless

Creating and sharing a trivia quiz with your customers can increase your lead generation rates exponentially. All you’d need to do is ensure you have a lead generation form somewhere in your quiz, and you’ll see your lead generation rates skyrocket!

This is thanks to their engaging and entertaining aspect as well as the curiosity amongst participants to know their scores in the end which will help you generate more leads.

In addition to that, trivia quizzes act as an excellent way to keep your customers hooked with your products and services – create quizzes as per your industry and relate the results to your offerings in some way.

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4.    Make Social Media More Engaging

Sharing a quick quiz with fun trivia questions is a sure-shot way to increase social media engagement for your brand.

Do you want to know why? Well, trivia quizzes are a type of interactive content!

First of all, interactive content is visually appealing, and hence it grabs the user’s attention at first glance.

Secondly, interactive content demands audience interaction. Unlike static content, users actively communicate with the interactive content piece. Therefore, it keeps them engaged for a longer period. As a result, your engagement rates increase.

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Furthermore, sharing quizzes for fun on social media can boost your conversion rates too!

Let’s look at a real-life example of this.

Online Trivia Quiz Case Study – TAG Livros

Tag Livros quiz example

TAG Livros is a book signing club. They were looking for an interesting way to generate more leads and promote their brand better while keeping costly methods at bay.

They decided to experiment with an interactive trivia quiz. Meanwhile, TAG Livors created a trivia quiz with Outgrow telling people which book was a bestseller in the year they were born.  Consequently, the benefits of sharing that quiz with their customers were very clear. The trivia quiz enabled TAG Livros to gain 286,000 visits, more than 57,000 leads and boosted their conversion rates by 20%!

 Interactive content like the trivia quiz shared above can be unbelievably useful for businesses. This is because customers appreciate the engagement, entertainment, and quick-result satisfaction that it provides. Similarly, interactive content is extremely beneficial for all those looking to boost their engagement and customer satisfaction rates!

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How to Create Online Trivia Quiz on Outgrow

Now that we’ve discussed all the basics and benefits, let’s move on to see how you can create the best online trivia quizzes for free with Outgrow’s builder.

Step 1 – Create Your Free Outgrow Account

This is the most important step! Click on this link to create your own Outgrow account if you haven’t done so already. No credit card required – we promise!

Step 2 – Choose the “Outcome Quiz” Option

Outgrow dashboard

Once you sign in to your Outgrow account, this is the dashboard you will see. To create the best online trivia quizzes, you need to click on the content type that says “Outcome Quiz”.

Step 3 – Select Your Template

create online trivia quiz- outgrow layouts

Now you will be redirected to the page shown above where you can choose to start creating your trivia quiz from scratch. Furthermore, you can pick the layout that best suits your use case here.

Moreover, you can also choose to use a premade template and edit it as per your requirements. To pick a premade template, click on “Select a Template”. Next, pick the template that comes closest to your idea and edit it accordingly.

Step 4 – Make the Edits in the Builder

Create Online Trivia Quiz- Outgrow builder

This is the builder screen you will be redirected to in the next step. You can make all the edits you need here.

  • The trivia quiz preview in the center of the builder will change as you make your edits.
  • Edit the number of questions, add logic jumps, and map results from the left panel of the builder.
  • Likewise, edit the display, lead generation form, and individual question/answer settings from the right panel.

Step 5 – Configure Your Trivia Quiz

create online trivia quiz- Outgrow configure tab

Once you have edited the look and the content of your trivia quiz, utilize the advanced features that Outgrow offers. Click on the “Configure” tab to edit the SEO settings, set email notification options, save results as PDF, tweak integrations, and much more.

Step 6 – Embed Your Trivia Quiz

Outgrow builder

To embed your trivia quiz on your website, emails, etc., stay on the “Configure” tab. Then, scroll down to the “Embed on a Webpage” option on the left-hand side. Once you do so, you can pick from the different embedding options like – Full-page embed, In-page embed, Pop-up style, Chat style, etc. to share your trivia quiz as per your requirement.

Once you pick the embed type, you can easily copy the code given below each embed preview to replicate the embed for your trivia quiz on the web page of your choice.

Learn more about Outgrow embeds here.

Step 7 – Go Live!

Once you have edited and tweaked the trivia quiz to your liking, you can go live with it! But if you’d like to preview the trivia quiz first, just click on the “eye” shaped icon on the top right.

Additionally, once you’re satisfied with what you see, you can click on the “Go Live” button on the top right corner of the builder to make your trivia quiz dreams a reality!

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Why Does Outgrow’s Trivia Quiz Maker Stand Out?

Outgrow’s trivia quiz maker comes with numerous functionalities that make creating your online trivia quiz fun for all.

With Outgrow’s trivia quiz maker you can –

1. Enjoy the no-code experience of creating an online trivia quiz

Simply add your questions, upload your images and gifs, adjust the settings, and Outgrow’s builder will do the rest. You need zero coding knowledge to create your trivia quizzes on Outgrow.

2. Edit, style, and customize the trivia quiz as you want

 Outgrow’s online quiz builder offers a lot of customization options to make your content piece attractive. You can change font size, font color, add logos, etc. You also get options to personalize the outcome page.

In addition to that, Outgrow’s builder lets you make your quizzes even more appealing with options to add gifs/images/videos.

3. Add multiple question types

 How you answer essentially depends on the type of question you have been asked. Descriptive questions demand descriptive answers, MCQ requires a checkbox option, and a question like ‘How much do you save?’ is best answered with a numeric slider.

That is why we give you the ability to set your questions in the form of text inputs, single-select, multi-select, opinion scale, numerical grader, time-date picker, etc.

This way, you and your quiz participants can enjoy a truly interactive and engaging experience through the trivia quiz.

4. Integrate anywhere

 Yes, that’s right! Outgrow’s builder can integrate with 1000+ leading tools like Zapier, Mailchimp, Marketo, HubSpot, etc.

5. Add custom feedback statements

Want to keep your trivia quiz participants engaged until the end? Custom feedback statements let you do just that. In other words, you can set different feedback for each question once the participants submit their answers.

Let them know what they got right or wrong, or simply inspire them to keep going – the choice is yours.

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Top Trivia Quiz Question Ideas to Try Out

Your trivia quiz questions can be as fun or informative as you want. Customize your questions for a general knowledge quiz, a fandom-based quiz, or a short and fun quiz to pass time!

For a deep dive on the best trivia quiz questions to try out, check out this blog below.

create trivia quiz online


Online trivia quizzes are enticing and entertaining for all. So why not utilize this opportunity in your marketing campaigns?

We hope this blog will serve as a guide whenever you wish to create your own trivia quiz. If you do create one, let us know in the comments below how it went! But why the wait? If you’d like to create the best online trivia quiz right away, sign up for a FREE Outgrow account now!


Trivia quizzes are becoming more and more popular with time, thanks to our shift towards online forms of connecting and learning. Trivia quizzes can be a fun way to do both! Plus, trivia quizzes can be a cost-effective way to make your content go viral. By creating your online trivia quiz with Outgrow, you can increase your lead generation as well as engagement rates. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Of course! With Outgrow’s builder, you can choose from a wide variety of quiz question formats to keep the trivia questions light and fun! Additionally, you can pick from text input, single/multi-select, opinion grader, numeric slider, and more to make your trivia quiz go viral for sure!

Outgrow’s builder gives you the ability to embed your trivia quiz however and wherever you like. So, you can pick from a pop-up embed, chat embed, full-page embed, in-page embed, and more to share your trivia quiz on websites, landing pages, email newsletters, etc. To learn more about embed options in Outgrow, be sure to click here.

Gathering authentic lead generation rates is effortless with trivia quizzes and Outgrow’s builder. Simply enable the lead generation form, customize the settings and see your lead generation rates skyrocket. Moreover, you can learn more about lead generation in Outgrow here.

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