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Top ROI Calculators Built on Outgrow
01/04/2018 Antara Agarwal
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Top ROI Calculators Built with Outgrow

When running a business, two things hardly leave your back – budgets and the need to prove yourself to clients and customers. While the first hiccup is taken care of as you start growing, the latter seems to hang around a lot. First, you prove your business idea. Next, your ability to maximize the returns on a budget, and finally the fact that you’re worth doing business with (also translated as proving the ROI of your business). Specifically, the last point (showing the positive ROI that you can generate for your clients) is of utmost importance if you want to stay in the game long enough.

Cost and return are the two most pressing concerns of businesses that are looking for service providers. Thus, in order to get business out of your prospects, you need to prove the value of your services upfront. And you can’t prove value with just sales banter anymore. Standard marketing collateral also fails to help. What you need is an interactive experience that delivers personalized results and answers your prospects’ most pressing questions; you need an ROI calculator.

Irrespective of the industry you’re catering to, an ROI calculator can help you get more leads and improve conversions. If that’s not a reason enough to create a calculator, we’re sure you can use some inspiration. Here’s a list of companies from different industry verticals that have created rate of return/ ROI calculators using Outgrow. Go ahead, get inspired 🙂

Bots For Business ROI Calculator

According to a recent study published by Facebook, 53% of users prefer doing business over chat – whether it’s about buying a new pair of boots or trying to get their query resolved. This means businesses have more touchpoints than ever to convert prospects. And companies like Bots for Business are creating chatbots that can help them maximize the potential of chat platforms. However, quoting research or making claims isn’t enough. Chatbot companies must prove their ROI to stay in the game. Thus, Bots for Business, created an ROI calculator to help people decide whether investing in chatbots would increase ROI. And this calculator did the job for them. Not only could they help people make a buying decision, but they also got valuable leads in the process. Of the 1129 people who took the calculator, 415 of them left behind their contact information. That’s a whopping conversion rate of 37%!

Calculator example

New Marketing Factory ROI Calculator

If you own a marketing agency you’ll get this – agency life isn’t all rosy. Managing client expectations and always bringing an innovative, personalized marketing solution to the table isn’t a cakewalk. And when the clients are relying on you to grow their business, you can’t afford to rely on a one-for-all kind of strategy. When New Marketing Factory was faced with a similar challenge, they chose interactive content. They built an ROI calculator for their client Vindicia, a subscription company. And did the calculator work for Vindicia? Let us let the numbers do the talking! The calculator resulted in a 40% conversion rate for New Marketing Factory’s client. That’s almost 4X of what you usually get from regular inbound marketing practices. WOW!

top roi calculators example

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Outgrow ROI Calculator

We believe in practicing what we preach. And when we say that ROI calculators can change the face of your lead generation game, we say so not before testing it out ourselves. In fact, we’ve recently started using one ROI calculator as a part of our marketing funnel – The ROI of Using Outgrow. It tells our prospects how Outgrow as a tool can help them get better returns on their marketing investment and generate more leads. And the results? So far, the calculator has got us 314 leads and counting. The conversion rate has been an impressive 29%. Do we need to say more?

Outgrow ROI calculator

Digital Wave Facebook Ads ROI Calculator

Convincing your clients to invest in a new marketing initiative can be tricky. They want to understand the value of the returns beforehand. Even if it’s something as straightforward as Facebook Ads. Thus, Digital Wave, a digital marketing agency built the Facebook Ads ROI Calculator. This helped their clients understand the impact Facebook Ads can have on their overall marketing budget and the returns they’d get. The interactive experience proved to be a success, and the calculator got for them a conversion rate of 27%!

top roi calculators example

That’s not all. Many other of our clients have built ROI calculators for our business. Some more examples include:

Inspired enough? Start building the first ROI calculator for your business today.

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