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Bucket.io vs Outgrow: A Detailed Review of Bucket.io Alternative

We all agree that “Interactive content is the future”. And these 10 statistics are more than enough to prove that interactive content is the future of digital marketing. So, the question is have you added interactive content to your content marketing strategy? Well, we guess you are thinking about it as you have landed on this blog on Bucket.io Alternative. We have done a head-on comparison between Bucket.io and the best Bucket.io alternative – Outgrow.

Both these tools offer a platform to create interactive content and help you generate qualified leads and other user information. Along with it Outgrow also provides a free survey plan to its users. Since both cater to the same objectives, it might be difficult to choose one. But, we assure you that by the end of this blog, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether Outgrow is truly a Bucket.io alternative. So, read on!

General CTA

Outgrow – A Bucket.io Alternative

Outgrow is an interactive content builder built on a no-code platform. This means you can create interactive tools like quizzes, calculators, etc. without any coding. It’s a simple drag-and-drop interface that is super easy to operate. In addition, the content you build using Outgrow is extremely attractive and engaging. And most importantly, it is a great medium to boost lead generation.

Bucket.io Alternative


Similar to Outgrow, Bucket.io helps you generate leads through interactive content. It is simple to use, and has pre-built templates and loads of other features as well. Having said that, it is also important to compare each of these features with Outgrow to have a better understanding.


So, without further ado, let’s find out who has the upper hand.

Bucket.io vs Outgrow

Range of Content Types

Both tools bear remarkably similar objectives. However, they do differ in the range of contents they offer.

Bucket.io is well known as an online quiz maker. It also works as an online survey builder that can help you create a survey. It is ideal if you wish to collect leads through surveys. You can also take advantage of its pre-built templates to get your survey forms ready quickly. But as you dig deeper, you will notice that it has certain limitations.

Outgrow, on the other hand, is more than just a quiz maker. It offers more versatility when it comes to content types. You can create a survey, calculator, quiz, e-commerce recommendation, chatbot, etc. On top of that, you get to use a bunch of pre-made templates that get half your job done right away. Not to mention, Outgrow is more than capable of handling complex calculations. This enables you to create robust calculators, e-commerce recommendations, and chatbots.



The primary role that any content should play is to attract users at first glance. And this demands nothing more than a good design. Fortunately, Outgrow is built on modern design principles. It lets you add gifs, videos, and photos to make your content look appealing. Bucket.io, however, offers simple designs that can often look dull and might fail to attract users.



Customization is something that every content creation tool must-have. And let us assure you that our subjects (Outgrow and Bucket.io) are no exception. Although you will have limited customizations in Bucket.io, it may still serve your basic needs.

With Bucket.io, you can add custom fonts (limited font options), footer text, background color/image, and color scheme. You can also use the conditional logic feature to ensure better personalization for your users.

Similarly, Outgrow offers custom fonts, colors, backgrounds (images, gifs, videos), logic jumps, and more. In addition to this, Outgrow allows you to add external style sheets and scripts to give you more flexibility. It can also deliver customized recommendations on the result page which will certainly awe your users.

Bucket.io Alternative

Apart from the above, Outgrow outshines Bucket.io in terms of language support. Keeping in mind the need for multilingual content, Outgrow gives you the liberty to choose from 14 different languages.


The very next step after collecting user information is storing them in order. And for this, you would need the help of a CRM or sales automation tool. With this in mind, both our tools can integrate with leading CRMs. Nonetheless, Outgrow’s interactive content platform has a wider range of integration options (it can integrate with 1000+ tools).

Bucket.io Alternative

Also, Outgrow gives you the opportunity to integrate with payment gateways. This can be a great advantage considering you can collect your subscription payments right within the application.


We believe that both our contenders (Outgrow vs Bucket.io) have done a commendable job in segmentation.

If you are using Bucket.io, you can create a segmentation funnel to capture and store leads based on their inputs. Also, it gives you the ability to integrate with Facebook pixel and Google Analytics for better segmentation and retargeting.


Similarly, Outgrow offers all the segmentation features like Bucket.io. On top of that, Outgrow also offers custom pixel to track users based on their responses. Hence, we found the segmentation options of Outgrow to be more robust.

Optimization And Analytics

Well, this is a segment where Outgrow overshadows Bucket.io completely. Outgrow provides a robust analytics setup right out of the box. You can track and measure your KPIs (conversion rate, device, location, duration, etc.) from the tool itself. Furthermore, you can leverage its advanced analytics options to your advantage. It gives you a compare tab to compare multiple campaigns side by side. Not only that, but it also displays the outcome in simple statistical representations that is easy to comprehend even for beginners. To our disappointment, we found that the inbuilt analytics setup of Bucket.io only provides basic analysis. You need a third-party tool integrated with Bucket.io for advanced analytics.

Optimization And Analytics

Even when it comes to optimization, Outgrow steals the show with its inbuilt SEO options (lets you add meta title and description to the contents). Additionally, all the templates you get with Outgrow are pre-optimized to run smoothly across platforms.


Both brands offer knowledge videos, articles, and FAQs to help you out with your problems. You can also write to them in case you find it convenient. But, is it all that you want? Don’t you need phone support or live chat options? We bet you do! Unfortunately, you don’t see these in Bucket.io. However, Outgrow has a live support system with an average reply time of fewer than 2 minutes on weekdays and less than 5 minutes on weekends.

best customer support


Outgrow offers a wide range of embed options and it is one of the strongest features they have. You can embed any Outgrow content as a full-page embed on your website or subdomain. Moreover, you can embed it as a floating rectangle, greet bar, exit-intent popup, timed pop-up, or even in your chatbots!

Bucket.io Alternative

Bucket.io also provides embed options. But, it is limited to your web page only.


Now, the most important discussion – pricing! Let’s compare the Buket.io pricing with that of Outgrow.

Outgrow offers you a 7-days free trial for which you do not require any credit card. Simply register your email and you are free to test all their features. Outgrow provides a free survey plan in which you can build up to 4 content pieces and it can be embedded anywhere. Outgrow’s base paid plan starts from $14.00/month billed annually. With Outgrow you can explore all the features and capabilities of its best plans.

The Bucket.io pricing model also offers a trial for thirty days. Planning to use it as a free survey creator for thirty days? Hold on! There’s a twist in the story! You need to pay 1$ to avail of it and $99 per month for the next 11 months. Confusing isn’t it? It seems we are on the same boat here!


Whatsoever, let’s discuss the paid versions now. Outgrow has 4 tires with the entry-level model at $14 per month when billed annually and $22 for monthly billings. The advanced models go for $25 / $95 pm (annual billings) and $45 / $115 pm (monthly billings) respectively. The fourth tire is meant for the big corporate houses that cost $600 per month for an annual subscription and $720 for monthly renewals.

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Checking on the customer rating and review is quintessential when it comes to comparing two or more products. On this note, we compared the Bucket.io reviews with that of Outgrow on a software review site. And this is what we found.

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Outgrow comes out as a clear winner with a rating of 4.85 along with 172 customer reviews. Bucket.io has a rating of 4.5 with only 1 Bucket.io review. This clearly shows the popularity of Outgrow amongst its users.


To conclude, we can say that both the interactive content platforms can serve well as a lead magnet. And both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Outgrow surely offers all the features you could possibly want from a content creation platform – and that too at an affordable price. Outgrow provides a free survey plan in which you can build up to 4 content pieces and have 1200 submissions of the lead generation form.
Bucket.io also serves well for lead collection and segmentation but has a lot of limitations.

Regardless of what we say, it is upon you to decide what suits your need best. So, go ahead, choose wisely and tell us if you think Outgrow is the best Bucket.io alternative out there. Also, if you want a first-hand experience, you can create a free online survey using Outgrow’s interactive content builder.

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