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How to Create a Poll in Outgrow
27th April 2018 Akshay Saluja
5 min read

How To Create A Poll In Outgrow

Polls are extremely fun to take. Still, they are one of the most underused and underestimated pieces of interactive content! Even if they are on your must-try list, they tend to get overshadowed by ‘other’ more important content experiences, no? We get it. But, if you look closely, you will learn that polls are important because they can tell you what your prospects/customers think about your product(s) and services. All you have to do is ask just ONE question (though you can ask more!) To your surprise, you will find droves of people participating because answering a poll question takes less than 10 seconds! Since it’s ONE multiple choice question it doesn’t demand any cognitive effort either. Participants are satisfied expressing their opinion and you gain an insight into popular opinion. Everyone goes back happy! Curious to create your first poll on Outgrow? Awesome! Let’s get on with your lesson.

Pick Between a Layout And a Template

But, before you create a poll, it’s important that you know how to write a good, response-evoking poll question. Start by following these three simple rules: #1 It should be simple, jargon-free, and easy to understand by a layman. #2 It should be balanced not biased. For example, it will be wrong to say, “We prefer the Democratic Party, which one would you pick?” #3 The options should be specific and correspond to the question. We’d also love for you to keep a tab on current, trending events to create a poll! And, finally, once you’ve zeroed down on a question, you can head over to the Outgrow app and select ‘poll’ from the dashboard. Create a poll When you choose ‘poll’, you will reach a page that looks like the screenshot below. To start off, you either pick a layout and start from scratch or you go with a premade template. Create a poll The video below is a good resource to understand how you can customize layouts on the development studio.
Whatever you choose to work on, a template or a layout, a welcome screen will be the first thing to show up on your devices. You can input your question here, under ‘heading’. Add a subheading if you want to further elaborate or just move over to the button text. Create a poll The call-to-action (CTA) or the button text is meant to take the poll participants to the options they have to choose from. Since you are creating a poll, you will have to click on the type as ‘single select’. Next, you list out the options for your poll question. Create a poll In the above example, you can see that we chose to keep ‘text’ responses, but you can also experiment with icons and images to make the poll visually impactful. In fact we’d encourage you to use images wherever possible because humans process images 60,000 times faster than text. However, make sure they correspond to the options so that even if the respondents just look at the image, they know what it stands for.

Next Comes the Poll Result

How many times have you taken a poll? Have the results ever shocked or pleasantly surprised you? Did you ever go, ‘Holy Molly, what were people thinking!’ or ‘Yay, I’m glad there are more who think like ME’! Yeah, we’ve been there too! One of the reasons for answering a poll, other than expressing one’s opinion and preference, is knowing how one’s thoughts compare to others. To highlight the similarity or dissimilarity between poll takers, you can use conditional messaging. To activate it, you will have to click on the ‘poll result’ option under the result page properties. You can basically use it to show custom messages to poll users based on their results. For instance, if their result is between 0-20% then you can write a custom message saying, “Only Result % people agree with you. Which is less than X!” The next thing you can do is make the results visually appealing by adding an image or a video. Create a poll

Now, Let’s Get Some Leads in your Marketing Funnel

Ideally, you should keep the lead generation form before revealing the results because it sees better conversions. Create a poll Or, if leads don’t matter (are you sure?), you can show it on the results page. Maybe you can A/B test it rather than just go for one version of the results page. Create a poll Related Read: What Elements Should I A/B Test?

Embed the Poll On your Website

Other than promoting the poll on your social media or asking participants to share it on their social network (social share link on the results page), you can get more people to take the poll by embedding it on your website. There are three ways to go about it: in-page, full-page, and as a popup. Create a poll We highly recommend that you use it as an exit-intent popup because it can actually convert 10-15% of almost lost leads! Create a poll Another way to get more traction on your poll is by launching it in email. Create a poll You could even use an emoji in the subject line because that way your email will stand out in the inbox clutter! The recipient will click on your email out of curiosity and because the poll demands no effort whatsoever, they will answer it!
Now, that’s how you can create a poll on Outgrow. It’s your turn to experiment on the development studio. All you need is an account and you will be good to go! Holler if you need any help!