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Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

Like any other industry doing business in the online space, the multi-billion-dollar Art industry should leverage interactive ways to communicate with their customers. This blog is all about Interactive Content ideas for the Art Industry. So, if you are a part of the Art Industry, this blog will help you or your brand to better optimize your digital marketing strategy.

Pro Tip: Have a look at these whitepapers on interactive content ideas for every industry.

We have divided the interactive content ideas into the three stages of the buyer’s journey.

1. The Awareness Stage
2. The Evaluation Stage
3. The Decision Stage

Interactive Content Ideas for the Art Industry: Awareness Stage

At this stage, the consumer doesn’t have much knowledge about your product or your industry. They are simply not aware of it. As a business, your job is to educate these consumers to build awareness about the problems and opportunities they have.

Use interactive content like Quizzes, & Assessments to attract and educate your audience.

Suppose you own an Art Gallery and you have decided to sell art products online. To create awareness about your business, you can build interactive quizzes like :

“ Are you an Art Lover “

This quiz might have pictures from any aspect of art & questions related to those pictures. You can induce curiosity among users or use it to find out if they have a love for Art. Once the user completes the quiz, you give him a choice to give up his contact information before delivering the result for the quiz. If the customer gives up his information, then you can use it for future communications. Even if he doesn’t, you have already created brand awareness.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Who painted this?”

Use pictures of famous paintings and ask the name of the painters who painted them.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Who is this artist?”

Use pictures of famous painters and ask your audience to name them correctly.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Can you name all the famous paintings? __% failed”

Ask your audience to name the famous paintings in this quiz.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

Let’s talk about the ‘ Ultimate Art Quiz ‘ by Encyclopedia Britannica. If you go through the quiz, you will notice that the questions have a lot of depth. If you create an impressive quiz, then the length of details in your question will prove that you are an expert in the field
How can the quizzes & assessments help you as a business?
Suppose you own an Art journal & you publish art-related content every day. You create Interactive content for lead generation and brand awareness, maybe like this one: Britannica – ultimate-art-quiz.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

Your audience will be lured to test their knowledge about arts & become naturally instigated to complete the quiz in order to know their score. At the end of the quiz assessment, you ask for their contact information in exchange for the results. Now you have their contact information & an idea of their art knowledge.

You can then use this data to segregate your audience based on their knowledge and nurture them accordingly.

For leads with a score above 5 out of 10, you can send them thoroughly researched scholarly articles in Newsletters.
For people below 5, you can send them a beginner’s article on Art.

Your audience will find out their knowledge and taste for arts & that your brand offers solutions or opportunities. So, you are improving your brand awareness at the same time you are generating leads.

Take a look at some of the best practices you need to follow while creating interactive content.

You can also spice up the quizzes by offering your audience a chance to win free paintings, books, etc. This will indeed increase engagement. Try the following examples if you like.

“ Take this Art Quiz & stand a chance to win a beautiful painting”

Suppose you are about to open a new Art gallery & want to promote your business online. Running a contest like this and offering a painting as a prize might just do the trick. You can use any of the quizzes that we mentioned above and run a contest on that.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Win a Free Book! Name these famous writers & win”

Well, if you own a bookstore where you sell Literature or books on Arts, then you can give away books as a way of increasing brand awareness. Use pictures of famous authors and ask your audience to name them. People with the highest number of correct answers can stand a chance to win free books.

Try out these Assessment Quizzes as well.

“ Test Your Art Knowledge”

Intrigue your audience to find out more about themselves. Ask questions about Art and based on their performance rate them out of 10.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“Test your Taste” ( Take this test to know what form of Art you like)

This assessment should have pictures of different forms of Art, like Doodles, Sketches, Paintings, Sculptures, etc. Each page will have multiple images with at least one picture from every Art form. Now ask your audience to choose the best of the lot on every page. Calculate which form of Art the user has chosen the maximum number of times & show the results. Don’t forget to embed the lead gen form before displaying the result. Use the contact information and the taste of the users to target and create personalized content.

“ Need to add some color to your life? Let’s find out!”

Try to persuade your audience to find out if they need to add some colors (paintings in this case) in their house, office, etc. Develop an equation to judge if your audience needs to add more vibrance at their residence or work.
Interactive Content Ideas for the Art Industry: Evaluation Stage

In the evaluation or consideration stage, your consumers are already aware of their opportunities and problems. They are now searching for possible options to move ahead. As a brand, your job is to present them with the right options to guide them through and stand out as a problem solver.

Use these interactive content ideas for the Art Industry to win the heart of your customers in the Evaluation stage.

Build Calculators like:

“ What kind of Art can you afford?”

The calculator will take input of income & savings, then ask what percentage of savings they want to invest in purchasing paintings. Based on this data the calculator will display the types of Art available in that price bracket.

“ How much can you earn by selling your paintings? ”

In case you are looking to target artists instead of art consumers, this can be an interactive content type for you. You can also utilize this if you are a recruiter looking for artist collaborations for brands.

This calculator will calculate approximately how much the artist can earn if he sells his painting. The calculator will encourage the artist to know how much he can earn and you can generate lead before showing the result. Now, you not only have a lead but also information about the genre of the artist. You can contact them later based on your requirements.

Take a look at this Art Price Calculator:

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ How much paint do you need to paint?”

Again, if your consumer is a painter, this calculator will help him calculate the amount of paint he might need to paint a canvas.

Calculate the amount of Acrylic you might need for your painting.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“Frame your Frame! Calculate the cost to frame your painting/canvas”

This calculator will help calculate the cost to frame a painting, canvas or photograph. Once you get the information on the type of frame a lead wants, their budget restrictions, etc. you can use it to create personalized emails, Ads & so on.

You can also use the data to assess the demand for any frame type & probably stock up frames with the highest demand or optimize your advertisement content by showcasing the particular frame.

Calculate the Cost to frame your canvas with this calculator.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Calculate the cost to print your book”

Help your audience calculate the cost of printing a book.

Here is a great example of Book Printing Cost calculator

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

Apart from calculators, you may also use interactive content for the Art Industry by recommending products to your audience. Suppose you have a large collection of Arts or books and your audience is confused which one to buy. In this situation, you can help them choose based on their response.

“ What type of Art suits your wall?”

Take inputs like the color of the wall, area of the room, type of room, etc. and develop a formula to recommend the type of Art/Paintings for that room. Use the contact information and personal data to push the customer down the marketing funnel or the buyer’s journey.

“ What books should I read next?”

Suppose you are an online book retailer looking to generate leads. Embed this interactive recommendation tool that will recommend the consumer about the book he/she should read next. Take inputs about the customer’s favorite author, genre, etc and program the tool accordingly to recommend what they should read next. Generate leads just before you show the results. You will now have leads and other vital information about the user’s taste in books. Use the information to retarget them through various digital mediums at your disposal.

Here is a great example of a book recommendation quiz to look into for reference.

great example of a book recommendation quiz to look into for reference.

Interactive Content Ideas for the Art Industry: Decision Stage

At the end of the buyer’s journey, the consumer has already done the research and has made up their mind to buy a product or service. But they are yet to decide the brand to buy from. This is when you need to stand out as a brand and offer your audience with content that portrays your uniqueness. Show them exactly what you are offering. Your job is to prove that you are the best option available & help them make the decision.

Use calculators, recommendations & chatbots for this stage.

“Calculate your EMI”

Let your customers calculate the EMI for expensive art pieces they want to purchase. This will not only make your customer’s life easier but also help your brand gain credibility and probably make you a better option from those who do not offer installment facilities.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Estimate the cost of your Art accessory ”

Feed the calculator with your entire stock along with the price. Now, ask the customer to choose their product and desired quantity. The calculator will display exactly how much it will cost them if they buy from your store.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

“ Estimate your Art Insurance”

If you provide Art insurance, you can build this calculator to estimate the amount of insurance your customer needs. Also, show them the premium they will have to pay if they buy from you. Take inputs like Age of the Art piece, Creator, Condition, Price, etc to build the calculator.

“ Earn from your Old books! Calculate your income”

Show your customers exactly how much you will offer them for their old books.

The calculators clearly portray the facilities your customer can avail if they buy from you & they can also exactly calculate how much they need to spend. This makes their decision a lot easier & your credibility as a brand improves many folds for making their life easier. When you are providing clarity and transparency, your customers are likely to choose you over others.

“ Which one should you buy?”

Buyers also face a problem of choice at the end of their journey. They often get confused with multiple options to buy from.

To help your audience out of this dilemma you can use recommendation tools that will help your customers by recommending them exactly what to buy based on their preferences. Guide them through the problem of choice and make your lead convert when it’s still hot.

Take inputs about your customer’s preferences and narrow their search in your catalog. Show them recommendations of a couple of products available to you based on their preference. Make their life easy and tell them exactly what you are offering.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry

One to one conversation can be the game-changer at this stage. So, use a chatbot to guide your customers through the last stage of their buying process. Look at this example by Outgrow to understand exactly what you should do.

Interactive Content Ideas For The Art Industry


Be it the Art Industry or any other, the basic characteristics of a buyer’s journey remains the same & so does the relevance of interactive content. Check out these interactive experiences built using Outgrow.

There is no fixed formula to create interactively engaging content, you need to experiment and find out what suits you best. So, go ahead and get your creative juices flowing. Do let us know which interactive content idea helped you most.

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