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How to Leverage Content Distribution Platforms (10 Ways)

Are you still looking for the right content distribution platforms for the seamless distribution of your content?

Let us begin by talking about the common dilemma that every marketer faces today. With so much content to create and with so much of it already created, how to emerge out of all this chaos?

When the concept of C.R.E.A.M. (Content Rules Everything Around Me) took the world by storm, creators called upon every Tom, Dick and Harry to churn out as much content as they could. And hence, today we have this huge noise. However, even in noise, value is the real key. If you are looking to find platforms that will help you stand out, do read on!

Note: The key takeaways in this excerpt come from the SparkToro Office Hours series hosted by Ross Simmonds, CEO, of Foundation Inc. on how to find niche content distribution opportunities.

What Is Content Distribution?

Content once created may never be destroyed. If valuable content is available (which is obvious), then it has an eternal lifecycle. The key to emerging as the most audible one amongst the noise is efficient distribution. Hence, content distribution platforms refer to the various channels that content marketers utilize to reach out to their target audience.

Just like ice-cream without cream is just ice, content without an effective distribution plan is nothing but bits and pieces of information, glued together, redundant. 

Why Do We Need Content and the Right Content Distribution Platforms?

The content you create conveys your message and instills awareness about your products among your readers. At the same time, it also tries to persuade them to buy your product and services over your competitors.

Moreover, humans have the innate and almost eerie ability to focus on something that interests them within a sea of overlapping noises. This Cocktail Party Effect has become more pronounced on the Internet, with both creator and user-generated content taking the internet by storm. In other words, the audiences are always looking to consume good content. So, with the right content and the right distribution platforms, you can do wonders with your content marketing efforts.

Now, after unraveling why we need content, let’s talk about how interactive content can be instrumental not only in the absorption of content but in improving the engagement rate, brand awareness, and loyalty as well. Interactive content pieces such as calculators, quizzes, etc. give the users a chance to participate in a dialogue and give out some information. Once they do this, the content piece processes the information and shows them personalized results based on their responses. Thus, it is obvious that interactive content has an edge over mainstream content as it engages the users in a true sense.

So, if you’re looking to create interactive content, Outgrow is one of the best solutions for you. Using Outgrow’s interactive content builder, you can create varied content ranging from complex calculators, fun quizzes, assessments to polls, giveaways, product recommendations, etc. So, sign up for their 7-day free trial and create enticing content to boost your content’s reach and skyrocket your website traffic.

How to create interactive content?

Understanding the Content SEO Challenge

Earlier SEO was limited, but now, the search results entail many features like shopping, web location, and maps. And it is correct to say that:

1. Google’s Search Engine has become a destination rather than a source, and shopping, web, location, and business are the subjects most searched for by users. Check out this blog for more about B2B Linking for SEO.

2. Even Marketing Experts on Facebook had to give in to the affiliate programme, which forced marketers to pay for both getting subscribers onto a page and for viewing the content.

Content (Re) Distribution is King

The D.R.E.A.M. (Distribution Rules Everything Around Me) ensures that the 50, 70, or 100+ hours spent every month creating that content are worth the effort. While it is a given that the content needs to be valuable, it is important to note that valuable content never dies. Here are some tips on tools to create such valuable content. Creating Once, Distributing Forever is the new mantra.

Discovering Your Content Audience After Figuring out the Right  Content Distribution Platforms

1. There are plenty of sources to discover your audience, but SparkToro’s Audience Research is one of the best ones out there. It shows you the social accounts that your audience engages with, the websites they visit the most, and further points you towards the Hidden Gems: the podcasts, the niche blog posts, the obscure forums that your audience engages with.

2. Tune into Facebook Audience Manager to understand their interests, tap into Facebook groups to share that content, create backlinks for your SEO, and buy off graveyard pages based on topics of interest of your audience.

content distribution platforms

Best Content Distribution Platforms

1. Newsletters

  • Use Substacks to find newsletters your B2B decision-makers engage with.
  • Use Google Search results to find newsletters keenly subscribed by your audience.
  • Medium is another great platform with over a million topics that will notify you each time anything pops up in your areas of interest.

2. Facebook and LinkedIn- Don’t Sleep on Them!

  • B2B marketers often find themselves amiss on Facebook. However, a ComScore survey reveals that Facebook is the most surfed website by B2B decision-makers. Despite its string of controversies, Facebook’s reach to B2B players cannot be disputed as a pure-play social media avenue.
  • But don’t sleep on LinkedIn as well. What LinkedIn brings in is the versatility that very well makes up for the limited tone of your content. Did you make a great podcast? Take the best snips and post them on your LinkedIn. Even your simple text and blog posts can be remixed into a carousel for people to gloss over. Piles of rusty data on white papers and publications can be put to use with the snippets of the most valuable insights in a LinkedIn post. Lastly, don’t forget to remix content from other channels to LinkedIn.

3. Forums, Reddit and Quora

  • Do more by discovering good old channels and forums related to your content. Gain access, understand the community, and post your own stuff to get more reach.
  • Take it one step further by discovering communities on StackExchange, where 100 million daily users connect over topics ranging from rocket science to how to boil an egg!
  • According to Foundation Inc., Reddit posts with external links are upvoted almost 3 times more than text-only posts.
  • On Quora, find questions related to the topic of your content, answer those questions succinctly and add your link to the post. This will give you a good grasp over Google S.E.R.P.s, from your blog post to your YouTube video, and your questions answered on Yahoo!, Quora, etc.
  • You can also check out Medium, where subscribers tune in regularly to over a million topics and get updates each time a new post is rolled out.

Content distribution platforms

Why Content Distribution Is Your Master Key (Conclusion)!

The avenues for distribution are endless when your content is valuable. All you have to do is distribute your content far and wide through content distribution platforms that help you reach out to the right audiences. With an effective content distribution plan in place, you can leverage the power of channels like FB, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Quora, etc.

Now, if you’re looking to create quality interactive content and distribute it, sign up for Outgrow’s 7-day free trial and start creating!

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