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9 Best Practices to Promote Quizzes and Calculators

As an inbound marketer, you have taken everything into consideration while building interactive experiences like quizzes and calculators. But, you should know that your work is only half-done. Next, you have to follow the interactive content promotion best practices and develop a robust promotion strategy for your quiz or calculator.

Your ideal promotion strategy should be based on your goals – generate leads, create awareness, or bump-up customer engagement and increase sales. With clear goals in mind and the right promotion mix, your interactive tools are likely to go viral.

But why such emphasis on distribution? Well, as the headline of one Forbes article says, “Content is king, but distribution is queen”. There is tons of content being released every minute. Here’s an image that gives you an idea of how much content is generated in a typical Internet minute.

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Amidst so much content, it’s likely for your creation to get lost. You may be creating quality content, but if your promotion strategy is flawed then all you are doing is putting your content into a black box. Not focusing on promotion will prevent you from achieving your content marketing goals.

Ideally, interactive content marketing has 3 typical goals – lead generation, brand awareness, and customer engagement. Let’s give them a quick review and understand how you can customize your promotion plan for each of them.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation requires stimulating prospects’ interest in your products and turning them into leads. In order to succeed at lead generation with interactive content, you should know where and how to plug interactive content across platforms. Here are some ways to promote interactive content to boost lead generation.

On Your Website

Your website’s home page is the deal breaker. It must elicit a positive emotional response from visitors. It is even better if it’s interactive not just design-wise, but content-wise too. And, what better way to do so than hosting a calculator or quiz that intrigues them or gives them a quick glimpse into what’s in store for them? It quenches their curiosity because there are definite results in the end, no?

In addition, ensuring the security of your website is crucial, and a VPS with DDoS protection can help safeguard it against potential cyber attacks, allowing your visitors to browse and engage with your interactive features without any disruptions.

Other than the home page, think of embedding them on a landing page or in a blog piece. It is needless to say that you should use high-ranking keywords as titles and in descriptions for SEO.

For example, have a look at this quiz published by Amnesty International, an NGO focused on human rights, on their homepage. This particular quiz is intriguing and also enjoyable to take. In addition, the quiz resonates with the work they do and raises awareness about the work these activists have done. As such, it is a great way to get leads from the homepage of their website.


On Social Media

Leave no opportunity to promote your quiz and calculator on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. This will positively impact your social engagement. Running campaigns and targeted ads from time to time will get targeted traffic to your quizzes and calculators and more leads as a consequence. Make sure you have added proper tracking to determine which social media channel is most effective for your business.

As a money-saving technique and for higher engagement, customize your quiz and calculator for your audience. For example, if you are promoting an outcome quiz called “What type of a Bridezilla are you” on Facebook, then target women in the age group 22-30. Not just that, identify and join relevant groups and communities on Quora or Yahoo!; post on subreddits where you think it can cut through the noise.

As a Part of Your Content

Pitch and write for websites (from within your industry) that welcome guest blog posts. Don’t forget to add links to your calculator and quiz in the blog; better still see if you can embed it them in your post. Create similar articles for your blog with links to interactive content. Engage with fellow marketers and readers. Actively comment on posts with links to your interactive content. In the past, if your quizzes and calculators did go viral then write a round-up post with links to each.

As an Offer

Once you have someone come to your landing page don’t let them go empty-handed. It’s like going to fish without a net which is not a good idea since who knows you might catch a big fish, eh?

While the user is still with you, offer something high value; it will only prompt them to share personal information in exchange. It is the best offer that pushes users deeper into conversion funnels. Think about giveaways based on a calculator or quiz scores. For example, the Children’s Ministry Deal offers a $25 gift voucher on the lead generation page of their quiz, which encourages prospects to share their email address.

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Brand Awareness

One of your main goals with interactive content should be to increase awareness about your brand among your target audience. When you do so, you lay the foundation for lead generation. Simply put – whenever they look for a brand from within your industry, yours should be the first name to come to their mind. If you were to ask us how to achieve this feat using interactive content, we’d say do the following.

On Social Media

Quizzes are inherently shareable. For your quiz to gain popularity update your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ bios with a link to your calculator/quiz and also share it in your posts. Don’t forget to spread the word on groups and discussion forums like Reddit and Quora. People should know what the buzz is all about, isn’t it?

Here is a quiz shared by Influence & Co. If you pay attention to their Twitter account, you’ll find regular updates about the quiz. No wonder the quiz has garnered so much attention.

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As a marketer, you should definitely harness the interactivity of online quizzes and advertise about them. Since your ad is more value-driven it is going to generate a considerable number of clicks as compared to salesy product ads. So, start by exploring platforms like Yahoo or Reddit along with Facebook. By the way, did you know ‘Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts and currently sits at 1.97 billion monthly active users? No wonder why the number of FB advertisers has crossed the 5 million mark. Don’t trail behind. Set aside some budget and tailor your ad content to match your brand personality. It’s a win-win situation.

Reach Out to Influencers

According to a poll conducted by Tomoson, “Businesses are now making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing”. The results also revealed that 59% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget. In effect, it does seem to be an excellent way to improve brand awareness.

In fact, a BuzzSumo study of over 100 articles found out that a post shared by one influencer resulted in 31.8% more social shares! If you are, however, looking for influencers to do it for free then tag them in your posts or write to them. Who knows they might retweet or share your interactive content. After all, it’s value-laden for prospects.

interactive content promotion tips outgrow

Customer Engagement

Successful customer engagement is often a result of well-thought out as well as effectively executed engagement strategy. And Chameleon explains how to brew a perfect concoction with the right parameters for calculating customer engagement mixed with the top strategies to achieve the best results.

Customer engagement is a process of actively managing your relationship with customers. After all, it is because of them that your business is thriving and so there is no reason why you should ever cut ties with them at any stage, even post-sale. The idea is to be continually in touch with them. It is through constant engagement and interaction that you will understand their needs and expectations, identify at risk customers and also improve customer loyalty.

Email Marketing

A higher conversion rate and a short sales cycle are every marketer’s dream. But, with targeted efforts, you can make it come true.

Imagine you are a banking institution and a warm lead has expressed an interest in your offers. They have signed up for newsletters and also following you on social media. It is them that you should pursue. Send a newsletter with a calculator link that talks about “how much they can save with your bank”. This email is a gesture that reveals you are aware of their interest and want to help them make an informed decision. And, so that it is impossible for them to miss your email, write a catchy subject title.

Customer Feedback

Get a sneak peek inside the minds of your customers through feedback quizzes and calculators. Their responses will help you understand their pain points, needs, and expectations. You can then go on and customize products that suit their requirements. When you do so they feel valued and heard. And, who doesn’t want to be loyal to businesses that are so invested in serving their customers right, eh?

Key Takeaway

Discover the right balance between the three strands in your marketing strategy. Strive to improve your brand visibility. Build your brand credibility. Above all, keep the leads as well as current customers engaged otherwise your efforts will go in vain.

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