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What Are the Latest E-commerce Marketing Trends to Skyrocket Your Sales

E-commerce marketing has been on a steady rise thanks to the pandemic. And e-commerce marketing trends are evolving just as steadily day by day.

You may feel that there are too many e-commerce trends out there and that you may lose count of them. That is why here is a handy list of the most effective e-commerce marketing trends you should follow if you want to stay ahead in the game.

But if you’d like to get a refresher on the basics of e-commerce marketing first.

1. Incorporating Interactive Content & Personalization

Interactive content has slowly been gaining popularity in industries across the board. We all undoubtedly feel the thrill of Buzzfeed quizzes. Or more practically, wish to know the ROI of our marketing campaigns as quickly as possible. And that is what interactive content is all about.

Incorporating interactive content types in the form of quizzes, surveys, calculators, and polls into your existing marketing plans can be immensely beneficial. You can gain a lot of valuable insights about your customers in every response they fill in on the quiz. All of the data and results can then make your retargeting campaigns more relevant for your customers.

Moreover, through interactive content, your customers can find the personalized solutions they need as quickly as possible, whether they are looking for a suitable car, estimating the ROI of their marketing strategy, or calculating their retirement savings. Let’s look at the benefits of this e-commerce trend in more detail through Sisu’s success.

E-commerce Marketing Case Study

E-commerce Marketing Trends

Sisu is a real estate mortgage brand. They were looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their lead generation campaigns. In addition to that, they also wanted a way to calculate their prospects’ goals and automate their sales process.

Hence, they created and shared a quiz with their customers titled “What Will It Take To Hit Your Goals?”. This quiz was extremely valuable for their marketing metrics. They were able to receive 19000 visits, and more than 1000 leads and increase their conversion rate by 10% simply by sharing this quiz. Lead generation is a whole process that isn’t utilized properly by many businesses.

Hence, interactive content is undoubtedly among the most useful trends in e-commerce these days.

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2. Integration of AI Into the Shopping Sphere

ecommerce trends

AI is undeniably taking over many aspects of our digital life. The usage of devices like Alexa and Google Assistant has been on the rise with our at-home working and multitasking needs. We rely on these devices to search for products and conduct purchases instantly.

Likewise, voice search, on the whole, has been steadily increasing as companies seek to make their products more accessible and easy to use for all. A survey conducted by Statista estimates that nearly 75% of residents in the United States will incorporate smart speakers into their daily lives to stay more organized by 2025.

Therefore, this is one of the most crucial e-commerce marketing trends companies have to look out for. Brands should ensure they are aware of this trend. For this, you should incorporate your company’s ads and products into the voice search results. This will boost the visibility of your ads. Additionally, companies can also keep track of emerging keywords and content related to voice search to stay ahead in the game.

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3. Incorporate Various Ways to Pay

Various Ways to Pay

This is one of the latest e-commerce trends that brands often tend to overlook. There are numerous ways to conduct payments available nowadays. Digital wallets like Google Pay and PayPal are increasingly becoming the preferred payment method for many consumers. This is because they are quick, efficient, and extremely safe for the company and the customers alike.

By keeping the needs and convenience of customers in mind, you can make sure their purchasing journey is as customized and hassle-free as possible. Moreover, incorporating multiple methods to finalize a purchase can also decrease cart abandonment rates as people would be less likely to leave a purchase halfway when they can choose how to pay.

Therefore, by including different payment options, brands can increase their customer satisfaction and loyalty rates, while also making sure they keep up with the current trends in the e-commerce industry.

4. Provide Videos and Testimonials 

ecommerce trends

Video marketing is amongst the most effective e-commerce marketing trends you can incorporate. This trend has been on the rise, thanks to social media trends like TikTok videos, Instagram reels, or Youtube shorts. Showcasing short videos of your product can help your customers know what to expect and how the product is likely to work – much better than uploading an image of the same.

Furthermore, video marketing and video advertising are amongst the most cost-effective e-commerce trends on this list. There are numerous free apps and software where you can record and edit your video to make it look more professional and aesthetic.

Once the video is recorded and edited, you can upload it on your website or share it on the social media channels mentioned above. And guess what – you won’t have to spend a penny on any of those steps! You can go a step further and embed these in your ads too!

By sharing these short videos, you can ensure your customers know about your products and services instantly. These videos act as an engagement tool and help increase trust and customer retention rates as well.

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5. Make Your Shop Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones are surely becoming more and more invaluable to us all. We use them for numerous tasks throughout the day, and shopping is no different. eMarketer estimates that adults will be using apps nearly 90% of the time moving forward. Moreover, mobile usage accounts for 71% of the United States’ digital traffic.

Hence, it is important for brands to ensure they provide a smooth and seamless mobile experience to their existing and prospective customers. Companies should focus on providing apps for their customers where they can have a more seamless experience. Additionally, they should also make sure their websites are optimized for mobile phones and tablets as well.

By providing an official app for your brand, you can increase customer engagement rates and e-commerce sales. This ensures a hassle-free experience while decreasing cart abandonment rates as well.

6. Include QR Codes

QR Codes

The usage of QR codes is on a gradual increase within the e-commerce sphere. They can be affixed almost anywhere, in paper or digitally, and can make various aspects of mobile shopping extremely efficient and easy for your customers.

QR codes can be used for various purposes. You can share generated dynamic QR codes to redirect to social media shops/website links, to increase customer engagement rates. Or, they can be affixed on custom packaging boxes to redirect to a review page. Likewise, they can be shared to inform consumers about current discounts and sales.

Did you know? – The act of scanning a QR provides a more intriguing and enticing experience for your customers and hence increases customer engagement and retention rates.


The E-commerce growth we have witnessed over the past year, as our lives become more digitally fixated, is hard to ignore. Hence, this is surely a superb opportunity for all e-commerce companies looking to boost their sales. And now you can easily stay ahead of the game by incorporating any of the e-commerce marketing trends mentioned in this blog!

But before we go, we’d just like to say these trends work best when incorporated with some form of interactive content! Any type of interactive content, whether it be quizzes, polls or calculators can supplement these trends to boost your marketing campaigns even more.

With interactive content, you can collect more authentic leads and boost your conversion rates too! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for FREE with Outgrow and create your own interactive quiz or calculator now!


Making your e-commerce shop and website more successful is easier than you think! You can incorporate any of the trends mentioned above, that suit your products and industry. Moreover, you can check out our blog on Essential E-commerce Marketing Strategies, or our A-Z Guide to E-commerce Marketing to increase your e-commerce sales and customer retention rates.

Absolutely! E-commerce marketing and online shopping have been on a steady increase, especially from 2020. In fact, there has been a 63% increase in cross-border e-commerce sales during the pandemic. Moreover, the extreme ease and efficiency of online shopping along with the steady rise in technology ensures it will stay with us in the long run.

Current E-commerce Trends :

  •  Incorporating Interactive Content and Personalization
  • Integration of AI Into the Shopping Sphere
  • Incorporate Various Ways to Pay
  • Provide Videos and Testimonials
  • Make Your Shop Mobile Friendly
  • Include QR Codes

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