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How to Create a Leads Funnel on Outgrow
21/11/2018 Anoushka Chopra
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How To Create A Leads Funnel On Outgrow


Welcome to the 6th edition of our funnel blog posts. Phew! Thus far, we have talked about creating funnels to segment your users, sell your products effectively, segment users creating multi path funnels and coaching business-specific funnels.

So, what does this edition have in store for you?

Qualifying Leads!

Let’s talk about how to create a leads funnel that helps you sort and qualify users for your marketing campaigns. Let’s go.

What is it and Why do You Need it?

leads funnel

Let’s get straight to it. Having hundreds of leads isn’t a good practice if they don’t convert into customers. You want to be able to close your deals, rather than chasing endless dead prospects.

Qualifying allows you to find out whether a lead is actually a prospect, i.e. whether it has the potential to become a customer. As you might have guessed, if you don’t qualify your leads, you are going to waste a lot of valuable time on someone who cannot or does not even want to buy from you!

And this is where a Leads Funnel comes in. It helps in sorting and qualifying your leads in a more efficient and effective way. A Leads Funnel helps you to prioritize your leads by segregating them on the basis of specific questions created by you. It saves time . Most importantly, it provides better focus by ensuring resources are never wasted chasing leads that won’t generate sales. Therefore, a Leads Funnel leads to better conversion rates and higher revenue.

leads funnel

How Does a Qualified Leads Funnel Work

A Leads Funnel is ideally crisp and concise. It contains just two type of questions, which are:

a) Segmentation Question(s):

These play a major role in qualifying your leads. Therefore, make sure that the segmentation question is relevant and hits the mark in terms of how you want to segregate your users.

b) Supplementary Questions:

Use these questions to collect important data from your segmented users. More importantly, having path-specific supplementary questions will make your users feel that you’re truly listening to their needs, making the funnel engaging and interactive.

The funnel starts with an optional Welcome Page and a Segmentation Question, which defines the path the user will follow. If the user doesn’t pass the segmentation question, they are directed to a specific lead capture page with an offer. The users that pass the segmentation question are further nurtured through supplementary questions and finally led through to appropriate offers and lead generation forms.

Feel free to check out this template of how to create a Leads Funnel on Outgrow and customise it for your business!

Creating a Qualified Leads Funnel Using Outgrow

Welcome to the best part of this blog! Here you learn how to create an incredible Leads Funnel of your own using Outgrow. Let’s get started.

a) Sign up to Outgrow right here!

b) Select “Outcome Quiz” from your Outgrow Dashboard

leads funnel

c) Next, click on “Select a Template”.

d) Scroll through the list and select the multi-path funnel template or an example. Simply click on “Use Template” to start creating a funnel of your own.

e) Start by customizing your welcome screen. Make sure to personalize the funnel by adding your logo, a suitable color theme etc.

leads funnel

f) Add all your questions from the left panel and make the edits on the right.

g) Now, add all the outcome pages you want to lead your prospects to.

leads funnel

h) Once you have added all the outcomes, you now need to map these outcomes to the segmentation question.

leads funnel

i) You can now direct the users to the “What’s Next?” page that corresponds to the product/service on the outcome page.

We’ve created a live example of a Leads Funnel using Outgrow. Have a look!

Dos and Don’ts for Creating this Funnel

a) Keep It Simple, Stupid! Don’t have more than 3-5 questions in your Leads Funnel to ensure that your users remain engaged.

b) Why couldn’t the marketer sell his baking equipment? Because he had a leaky funnel!
Make sure to have the segmentation question early on in the funnel for proper segmentation of your leads and to avoid any leads dropping out.

c) Begin at the End! From the structure of the funnel to the questions you ask – keep your end goal in mind.

d) Make sure that the first page of your funnel is attractive and inviting. It’s called the welcome page for a reason!


That’s it for now folks! We’ll be back soon with another funnel. Till then, Happy Creating and a Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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