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Online Marketing Strategies- A Starter’s Guide

Your business may offer the best product or service, but for it to reach out to the right audience, you need some good online marketing strategies and techniques. But how do you go about creating a marketing plan that’s effective?

Give this infographic guide to online marketing strategies a read and find out everything that you need to know in order to kickstart your marketing journey!

Starter's guide to Online Marketing


Online Marketing is developing at the speed of light. So, to keep up with the trends and the changes, you need a strong foundation, critical thinking and relentless creativity. Hence, we’re here with this infographic guide to provide you with a set of online marketing strategies to stay ahead in this ever-changing and aggressive industry.

Guidelines for Online Marketing Strategies

1. Have Laser-Like Focus on Your Customer

Your customers are the life of your company, so you should try to concentrate on creating your online marketing around them. This may seem a tad bit challenging if you have a diverse audience, but with a team that knows their way around research, you can do wonders.

2. Build Your Marketing Framework

It is rightly said that average marketers think in terms of their marketing campaigns like holiday marketing, whereas great marketers think about their growth framework. Learning how to position your organic online marketing strategy will always result in a sustainable and ROI positive revenue engine for your brand.

3. Develop Your Brand’s Story

The most effective marketing strategy is the one that targets both the emotional and the rational side of the brain. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that your company can wield to build customer relations.

4. Get Them to Your Site

Build a proper foundation for traffic acquisition. Having the most amazing storefront will do nothing if the marketplace is not generating traffic. Building a digital marketing strategy that brings customers to your website is always a must.

5. Create a Foundation for Conversion

Acquisition of traffic is only the first part of the equation. Conversion rate optimization is the practice of converting first-time visitors into customers and in turn converting them into repeat buyers.

6. Build a Connection With the Audience

Content advertising is greater than simply blogging. When done correctly, it will be effective in driving more traffic to your business. Focus on building trust and producing quality content. You can start with podcast marketing. It will help you get more engagement. Moreover, the selection of the correct metrics is the most important part of building connections.

7. Find Customers Through Paid Ad Channels

As it costs money, almost all marketers shy away from paid advertising. However, this perspective will put you at a significant disadvantage. Instead of being scared of paid advertising channels, you should embrace them as these channels can provide the best customers you can find.

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A Few Additional Guidelines

1. Create Connections With Personalized Emails

Email Marketing is majorly considered spamming. The trick to not looking spammy is to prioritize the connections you feel as humans. You should try to personalize emails so that the viewers at least give it a read instead of hitting delete instantly.

2. Drive Sales Through Affiliate Marketing

You can drive important sales through affiliate marketing. Older than the internet, affiliate marketing can cause new revenue streams to open up for your business. Moreover, businesses can use affiliate marketing if they want to avoid risks that come with other marketing techniques.

3. Use SEO Tools

Search engines are  powerful channels for making connections with your audience. Search engines like Google or Msn look to connect with their audience through the best user experience.

4. Use PR to Get the Word Out

Once you’ve launched an amazing product or service, you need to get the word out. This is where PR can help you out. When executed well, good PR can be much more creative and less expensive than advertising.

5. Create a Good Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is more than just creating a profile on Facebook or posting on Instagram. When planned and performed correctly, social media is a powerful tool to drive traffic.

6. Create Your Website to be Mobile Friendly

Most businesses do not plan for mobiles as they think that customers usually use a laptop or a PC. However, optimizing your website/marketplace for mobiles and tablets can bring you greater traffic and more paying customers.


Well-planned online marketing strategies are everything you need to get your business in the game.

Now if you are determined to improve your website’s on-site time, do some research and come up with some great online marketing strategies and tactics.  To improve your content marketing efforts, try out Outgrow’s interactive content builder and create the most amazing and engaging content pieces. You can sign up for their free trial here. 

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