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7 Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Try [Infographics]

Content marketing strategies are used to develop and share reliable, valuable, and consistent content with the targeted audience to build trust, brand awareness and to increase search engine ranking. As a B2B marketer, you should have a well-defined content marketing strategy. This will help you assist your startup in the early phase of acquiring customers and building your brand awareness. So, here we are with a detailed informative infographic on the top 7 content marketing strategies that will make your startup journey easier.

7 Content Marketing Strategies


Now let us walk you through a quick summary of the 7 top content marketing strategies.

1. Create a content team:

You should not handle everything on your own. Start hiring roles for your content team and divide the work accordingly. Try to focus on being process-driven.

If you haven’t already done so, start a blog and let your content team handle it. However, make sure that you’re putting quality over quantity when it comes to publishing posts.

2. Create a knowledge base:

Try to include data-driven content, case studies, expert advice, facts, surveys, stats, etc on your website. This will act as a big knowledge base for your customers. It will help you in building trust and brand value among the audience.

3. Write guest posts:

Recommendations are not the only way to increase brand awareness. You should try to entice your customers directly to your website. So, try writing more guest posts for other websites.

4. Create trending content:

Try to create content on trending topics and commonly searched terms that are buzzing around the market. Make sure to surround the popular post with your own, custom-designed banners. It will advertise your startup for free.

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5. Transform blog content for social media:

Try to repurpose and diversify your content for social media. You can also use interactive content like calculators, quizzes, etc. It will boost the engagement rate and eventually drive higher conversions.

6. Develop a social media marketing strategy:

The key steps in developing a perfect social media plan for your business: post consistently, listen to your audience’s feedback, start social media marketing campaigns, and assess previous posts: see what is working and what is not, and reform them accordingly.

You can speed up this process by hiring a dedicated PR team or at least investing in good PR Software.

7. Showcase customer feedback:

Try to collect testimonials or hire customers for honest reviews. You can showcase them on social media, landing pages, etc. Because being honest about your pros and cons with your customers will help you in improving your online marketing strategies. This will eventually help build trust among customers for your business.


Now that you know the complete roadmap for setting up content marketing strategies, you can develop your own customized content marketing strategy! So what’re you waiting for?

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