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Wufoo Alternative Breakdown: Wufoo vs. Outgrow

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We have moved on from the long and boring basic forms. Multiple players today have come up with online form builders that excel either in ease of use, variety of designs, creativity, data analysis features, or even budget. Hence, the key to finding the best fit for your brand would be to understand the needs and objectives of your brand. Given so many choices, we understand that it may become a tedious affair. 

So, here we present a face-off between two tools that excel in the art of form building – Outgrow and Wufoo.

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Outgrow – A Wufoo Alternative

Outgrow is a powerful form builder and lead generation tool that houses various types of interactive content for converting your website into a lead magnet. It has managed to gain credibility and popularity by helping brands improve their lead generation and conversion rates. 

It is a comprehensive interactive content marketing toolkit with the power to build forms that helps companies engage audiences, capture & qualify leads, and increase conversion rates. Outgrow’s website details its vast collection of interactive content types.

Wufoo Alternative

If you have a look, this tool offers much more than form builders. You can build informative calculators, interactive quizzes, surveys, contests, chatbots, and much more. 


Wufoo is a form-builder founded in 2006 and was acquired in 2011 by SurveyMonkey, a web-based survey software. It is an easy and efficient platform for creating online surveys. It is also known to have a commonly used interface for collecting data online. 


Wufoo’s key focus is helping companies collect data, payments, and automate their workflow. It offers various templates for forms, surveys, registration, and tracking. 

So, if you have the appetite to find the most creative and effective form builder, let’s dive into the in-depth comparison between Wufoo and Outgrow. 

Wufoo vs. Outgrow

Who Are These Tools For?

Outgrow (a Wufoo alternative) has a vast variety of tools apart from basic forms. Its custom templates cater to a large variety of users including freelancers, big multinational companies, and industries like finance, SaaS, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, research, fitness, beauty, and health & wellness.

Wufoo has one design format that it follows for all types of forms that it houses. It is mainly used by companies that need basic forms. But at the same time, they are very easy to use forms and have a detailed questionnaire laid out for different form types similar to Outgrow’s premade templates. These can come in handy for people who are just starting out. 

Variety of Content Types

Wufoo specializes mainly in Form Builders for collecting data with very simple and basic designs. Apart from that, it also offers surveys, polls, and lead generation as shown below. 

Wufoo alternative

Outgrow has a vast range of offerings including Calculators, Surveys, Quizzes, Assessments, Ecommerce Recommendations, Polls, Giveaway Contests, and Chatbots. The design of these content types is more user-friendly and modern.

Wufoo alternative  

It also offers premade templates made for different industries to help you easily come up with ideas and use cases. 

Moreover, Outgrow’s chatbot tool is an excellent way to engage, guide, and retain the people browsing through your website. This also acts as a great lead magnet. 


Outgrow offers a free survey plan in which you can create up to 4 content pieces from a variety of templates made available for you. It also offers a free 7-day trial so that you can also explore its other features and flexibility.

This is a brilliant opportunity to try out all the capabilities of the tool and take a call without having to spend any money or add your card info. 

Wufoo’s smallest paid plan is $14.08/month billed annually similar to Outgrow’s smallest paid plan which is $14.00/month billed annually. It’s basically the same price!

Although Wufoo has a free Basic Plan, the features are very limited allowing only 5 forms with a maximum of 10 questions per form. You will also get a restricted limit of 100 responses in a month whereas Outgrow gives you up to 120o lead submissions. 


This is probably the area where you will see the biggest difference between the two tools. Outgrow is a clear winner when it comes to design as it has a more modern look and feel and has a great set of layout options and designs to choose from. 

In fact, it gives you the option to display one question at a time to increase users’ focus. However, you can also choose to have a section-based design where you can show many questions at once. You will also notice that images and videos are incorporated directly into Outgrow’s layouts to create a more user-friendly experience. 


Wufoo lays out all the questions in one frame with a simple and basic design as you can see below. 

Wufoo alternative

Outgrow also allows you to add your own multimedia elements like images, gifs, or videos along with the questions and as a background image to increase focus and engagement. This is important in today’s world where images and videos are key to user engagement. You won’t find this feature in Wufoo. Hence, this is a big differentiator for Outgrow. 


Outgrow has a larger selection of pre-made templates and industry-specific examples to help you customize your content based on industry standards. Moreover, you can add charts, tables, or graphs to your content in Outgrow. 

Wufoo alternative

Wufoo has a common pattern to all its form templates. So, you have very limited options to change the look and feel. 

Custom Build

Entrepreneurs and large businesses that have complex builds or don’t have the time to build the forms or surveys by themselves can use Outgrow’s custom build option. Outgrow extends extra support by offering a custom build option to brands and creating personalized content for them. Wufoo does not seem to have this option, which means you will have to create your forms on your own. 

Lead Generation

For basic plans, Wufoo offers up to 1000 leads/month, and Outgrow offers 12,000.  The difference strikes if you are a large business and you have a huge traffic flow. The highest plan in Wufoo offers up to 200,000 leads/month. Outgrow, however, has a business plan which enables you to add 600,000 leads a month. 

Data Analysis

Outgrow lets you easily track responses, analyze results, and review your performance between content as well as within content. This helps determine which content has a statistically significant improvement in conversion rates. If you wish to dive deeper into the question-level analysis, you can find out whether users who answer color Blue in question 2 are more likely to answer Fitness in question 7. Outgrow helps with this kind of detailed analysis without any understanding of statistics. 

Outgrow also has a performance tab that provides you with recommendations for things you can do to improve your content performance, conversion rate, and overall success using the tool. 

data- analysis

Wufoo has a report builder where you can choose to represent data in the form of graphs, charts, numbers, text, or data grids. Its analytics feature lets you track views, submissions, and conversion rates. This is similar to Outgrow’s report feature. However, Outgrow has question-level analysis and a compare tab that is not included in Wufoo. 

Wufoo alternative

Analytics & Segmentation

With Outgrow, you can add Facebook pixel and Google Analytics tracking codes to the forms even in the starter plans. This feature tracks users’ patterns and buying behavior helping you segment your customers for better retargeting. Moreover, Outgrow has a custom pixel that allows you to configure your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook pixel based on a user’s answer and result.

Wufoo doesn’t have a custom pixel but offers a general pixel. However, it offers its Google Analytics integration in its professional plan or higher. 


Outgrow and Wufoo both have a wide range of integration options for CRMs, marketing automation, and email marketing tools. Outgrow also integrates with calendars, payments, and billing tools allowing you to schedule appointments, accept payments, and set people on a subscription plan within the Outgrow content piece. 


Outgrow offers a wide range of embed options including exit-intent pop-up, greet bar at the top, custom embeds, etc. These elements boost customer engagement and lead generation. Moreover, exit-intent pop-ups have the capability to retain customers who intend to leave your website. This makes it a very useful feature. 

Wufoo has limited options allowing form embedding on WordPress.com in the form of a new embed snippet. You can also embed Wufoo reports, graphs, and charts on your website. 


Outgrow is known for its outstanding support and success team offering live chat, support docs, email, and phone support depending on the plan you choose. Wufoo’s customer support is comparatively limited and provided through emails. In fact, Outgrow’s reply time on chat averages to be less than 5 minutes on weekends and less than 2 minutes on weekdays! 

Comparison Ratings & Reviews

Now, the most trustworthy reviews come directly from the customer. You get to better understand the functionality and credibility of any tool by analyzing its pros and cons from the perspective of its customers. Going by the review comparison on G2, users have given a score of 4.8/5 to Outgrow and 4.2/5 to Wufoo. 

Outgrow clearly has better customer ratings but both the tools have plenty of reviews. We recommend that you dive deeper into the pros and cons of both to choose the best form builder for you. 

On to the Final Decision

Wufoo is a form builder software supported by SurveyMonkey. Its easy-to-use features make it a good option for simple forms and surveys. But, its one-layout template and basic designs limit its effectiveness for marketers. 

For well-designed and powerful forms to boost customer engagement and lead generation, Outgrow is the best Wufoo alternative. With its free survey plan and variety of interactive content types, Outgrow is one of the most modern and resourceful form builders out there. Want to know how to create an online form?

Explore the 7-day free trial to try out the best online form builder. 

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