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Revealed: The Science Behind Virality [Infographic]

We marketers love the concept of taking over the web, going viral. But deep inside we know that achieving virality is not an easy feat. You can put in hours of work and thousands of dollars in creating a stellar piece of content, and it still might not get enough mileage. In the same breath, you could simply post a 160-character tweet and it would spread like wild fire (hmm… reminds of someone!) So, what do we learn here? There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to make a content piece or product viral. However, there’s definitely some science behind virality that we ought to crack.

Viral marketing, as we know it today, has evolved over time. And thanks to researchers like Jonah Berger, we know how. The facts they have uncovered after studying the science behind virality help us understand what makes some content pieces tick. To sum up the works of viral scientists like Jonah, and to help lay the foundation for your next digital campaign, we’ve created an infographic which tries to explain viral growth in a clear and engaging manner. We also explore the various elements that work in tandem to make content shareworthy. Dig in!

What triggers virality and word-of-mouth in today's world and how content creators can produce viral, buzzworthy content. This infographic explains it all.

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What is evident from above is that almost all viral content relies on certain emotions which lead to people wanting to share it with others. For instance, Youtube videos that garner millions of views over a time period spread virally by being shared on social networks. Similarly, interactive content, such as quizzes and calculators, works great at eliciting emotions from people. Additionally, it can be shared on social networks too to help you achieve viral growth. Hence they are your best bet when it comes to creating viral, buzzworthy content. Buzzfeed is the best example of this. The content giant has used quizzes extensively to become one of the leaders in the online media space. Read this to find out how you can create a Buzzfeed-style quiz. Or take further inspiration with these 5 viral calculators that almost broke the internet!

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