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How to Drive Conversions Through Copywriting in Marketing [Infographic]

Every content marketing team is working with the intent to create good content. Good content is an extremely important asset for an effective marketing strategy. The art of writing good and persuasive content that compels your audience to purchase your products or services is known as copywriting in marketing.

Thus, copywriting in marketing helps increase your conversion rate as it attracts a greater number of potential customers towards your brand and pushes them through the various stages of the marketing funnel.

But to come up with a good copywriting strategy can be very tiresome. Making use of popular keywords is not enough. So, in this guide, we will talk about how to drive conversions through copywriting. We will take you through five creative copywriting strategies that will help you boost your conversion rate.



Good and valuable content draws 7.8 times more website traffic and produces brand recall which brings higher engagement rates. This proves that copywriting in marketing is a powerful tool for an effective content marketing campaign.

So, let’s dive into this segment of marketing with this quick summary guide to 5 creative copywriting strategies.


Copywriting in marketing is an act of writing impressive and immersive content for blog posts, magazine ads, sales letters, promotional materials, etc. The main purpose of copywriting is to promote your products or services and derive potential customers for your business.

A good copywriting strategy educates people about your business and persuades them to purchase your product.

5 Creative Copywriting Strategies to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Copywriting in marketing is not merely writing words for blog posts, it’s a strategically designed content marketing campaign for your business. With the help of these five copywriting strategies, you can improve your existing copywriting campaign, drive a higher conversion rate, and increase your revenue.

1) Understand Your Audience Personas:

The most important step of copywriting is to understand your audience’s personas. You can’t write ads or blog posts without having any knowledge of the people for whom you are writing.

A great copy targets the needs and wants of their readers. If you are writing a content piece for your product, it must answer all the questions of your customers.

Research more about your audience personas and what they are looking for.

2) Be Persuasive:

The main goal of copywriting in marketing is to influence your customers so that they say yes to your products over your competitors. Your content should have a highly persuasive, exciting, and personal tone so that it catches the attention of your target audience.

Mention all the exclusive features of your products in your content piece. Use customer reviews and interactive content like quizzes, personalized product recommendations to make engaging and influential content pieces. You can also use online persuasion hacks for your content.

To create enticing quizzes, you can sign up with Outgrow’s 7-day free trial.


3) Write Eye-catching Headlines:

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Attention-grabbing headlines are like magic wands for an effective copywriting piece.

They bring attention to the readers and persuade them to read further into the context. Hence, headlines should be unique and convincing.

4) Leverage AIDA Strategy:

Choosing the right strategy for your copywriting can have a major impact on its success. You can work on your copywriting based on these AIDA strategy steps

  • A – Attract Attention
  • I – Trigger Interest
  • D – Create a Strong Desire
  • A – Call to Action

These steps will give you a direction for your copywriting process. You can modify them as per your copywriting strategy.

5) Strong Call To Action:

Good content with a powerful headline will bring great attention to your audience. But a strong call to action influences your customers to take the next step towards your product and services.

It tells them why they should use your product and persuades them to make a major purchasing decision. Hence they should be strong, bold, and highlighted in your copywriting content.


Highly engaging and persuasive content is key to an effective copywriting strategy.

Catchy headlines, trendy keywords, and interactive content pieces, all together can play a major role in improvising your copywriting.

A good, consistent content piece is a must for a successful content marketing strategy. You should always keep an eye on all the past trends and statistics to excel in your copywriting process.

Now if you are determined to improve your copywriting strategy with this guide, don’t waste any more time. Try creating some amazing interactive content pieces by signing up for Outgrow’s 7-day free trial and refine your content marketing efforts.

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