Types of Quiz Questions to Make Your Quiz Addictive and Fun!

Types of Quiz Questions to Make Your Quiz Addictive and Fun!

Quizzes, those fun little tests, we all enjoy them! You might have gone through different types of quiz questions like multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, and more. But did you know these enjoyable quizzes aren’t just for having fun? They can actually give your business a big boost.

Yes, you heard it right. 

Quizzes are a powerful marketing tool to engage and captivate your audience, generate leads, and increase brand awareness. By incorporating quizzes into your marketing strategy, you can create interactive experiences for your customers that entertain them and provide valuable insights about their preferences and behaviors. 

So today we’ll explore the basics of quizzes, types of quiz questions, and what you can do to ensure your quiz questions are fun!

What Is a Quiz?

A quiz is a means to test the knowledge of the participants on a particular topic or a mix of different topics. Quizzes are generally utilized as sources of entertainment. However, they can also be used in formal settings like schools and colleges to evaluate students on different topics/subjects. Moreover, business organizations, startups, digital agencies, and freelancers can also use quizzes to attract and convert their customers. 

Quizzes can be of different types – from BuzzFeed-style quizzes to personality tests or even general knowledge quizzes. The type of quiz you choose to make will determine the kind of questions you should include in the quiz.

Let’s learn a bit more about the different types of quizzes.

Types of Quizzes

1. Personality Tests

Personality quizzes or personality tests allow us to learn a bit more about our personalities entertainingly. Moreover, these kinds of quizzes build upon our curious nature to learn more about ourselves and how we fit in with others. These quizzes are normally short, easy to take, and include personalized answers. 

Fun Fact: Personality quizzes are statistically 40 times more likely to be shared across multiple platforms.

Questions for Personality Tests: 

You can include different types of quiz questions when it comes to personality tests.  However, it is best to include questions that do not require participants to think very hard to answer. They can be short and simple and should focus on the general preferences participants have regarding the topic. So for these quizzes, multiple-choice questions are preferred to keep the experience snappy and fun.

Example of a Personality Quiz:

An example of a Personality Test is Masculine Style’s “Learn Your Archetype” Quiz.


[Try out this quiz]

This quiz includes questions that focus on the participant’s preferences about their lifestyle. As a result, it recommends dressing styles based on their answers.

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2. Trivia Quiz

A trivia quiz tests the user’s knowledge of trivia or trending topics. Trivia quizzes can be useful in multiple ways, from entertaining to building bonds with fellow quiz-takers.

But how can these quizzes help build connections with others? Well, think about it this way: when you and your friends take a trivia quiz together, you’re not only having a good time but also sharing the experience. 

From a business and marketing perspective, trivia quizzes offer a unique and engaging way to build connections with your audience. By creating trivia quizzes related to your industry or products, you can not only entertain your audience but also reinforce your brand presence.

Questions for trivia quizzes: 

Trivia quizzes focus on topics that are already popular, whether it be the latest song or a show. Hence, it is best to include references to those topics in the form of visual elements such as gifs/images or videos. Additionally, a trivia quiz can include multiple-choice questions to keep the quiz entertaining and easy to take.

Example of Trivia Quiz:

Outgrow’s “Which Friends Character Are You?” is an example of a trivia quiz.

friends character

[Try out this quiz]

This quiz is based on the popular TV show “Friends” and asks questions about the characters’ personalities, habits, and relationships. It also includes visual elements such as images of the characters to make it more engaging. This type of trivia quiz appeals to fans and encourages them to share their results with friends, creating a sense of community around a common interest.

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And if you’re wondering where to make your very own trivia quiz? Sign up with Outgrow for FREE and build the trivia quiz of your dreams! 

3. E-commerce Recommendation Quiz

An e-commerce recommendation quiz is a quick and hassle-free way for companies to direct customers to the products that would suit them the most. This kind of quiz also focuses on the user’s personal preferences in order to recommend the most appropriate product at the end.

Questions for e-commerce recommendation quizzes: 

This kind of quiz may include a mix of multiple-choice questions and informative questions with images/gifs etc that explain the product to the user. The objective is to help users make an informed decision. Using logic jumps is common in quizzes like these to direct each customer to the product of their choice based on their responses.

Example of E-commerce Recommendation Quiz:

”What is the Best Smartphone You Can Afford” is an example of an e-commerce recommendation quiz. This quiz allows users to go through options like the preferred price range of a smartphone, the preferred features, and the preferred model to present a personalized recommendation at the end.

best smartphone

[Try out this quiz]

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4. BuzzFeed Style Quiz

A BuzzFeed-style quiz is another kind of trivia quiz. These can be created on almost any trending topic and include fun quiz questions such as “What is your favorite ice cream flavor” or “Which vacation destination is perfect for you this summer”. Quizzes like these are made purely for entertainment purposes and that is what keeps the participants hooked for hours!

Questions for BuzzFeed Style Quizzes:

These quizzes also generally have multiple choice options to further build on the intrigue and suspense regarding the result at the end.

Example of a BuzzFeed Quiz:

“Is Your Humour As Deadly As Deadpool’s” is an excellent example of a BuzzFeed quiz. In this quiz, participants are encouraged to compare their humor to that of Deadpool. This quiz leverages the trends and popularity of Marvel’s character Deadpool to keep the participants engaged based on their knowledge of this character.


[Try out this quiz]

5. Assessment Quiz

An assessment quiz encourages users to test their understanding of a given topic and provides feedback or scores/grades at the end. This kind of quiz is extremely useful for school students and teachers to gauge their performance.

If you’re learning online or using websites like Studocu, taking quizzes can help you check if your course is good and interesting. An assessment can depict how well your students understood your lesson. You can also get a complete understanding of course satisfaction for those who enrolled with an online feedback survey for your classes.

Questions for Assessment Quizzes: 

These kinds of quizzes may include lengthier questions and options related to the particular subject of the quiz. Likewise, these quizzes may also include visuals, mostly in the form of graphs, charts, or images.

Example of an Assessment Quiz: 

This “French Proficiency Quiz” is an example of an Assessment Quiz. In this quiz, the students are presented with questions and options in the French language to test their application and understanding of the language.


[Try out this quiz]

6. IQ Test

An IQ Test Quiz is a cognitive assessment to measure a person’s intelligence and problem-solving abilities. These quizzes typically consist of challenging questions assessing logical reasoning, mathematical skills, pattern recognition, and general knowledge. The goal is to provide a numerical score representing the individual’s cognitive abilities.

Questions for IQ Quizzes:

IQ quizzes cover various question types, including numerical and verbal reasoning, spatial abilities, and logical puzzles.

Example of IQ Test: 

“The BMI Certified IQ Test” is a great example of an IQ test that can help you evaluate and improve your intelligence level. The test contains a series of questions designed to measure different cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, memory, and spatial reasoning.

bmi certificate

[Try out this quiz]

7. Picture Quiz

Picture quizzes are a fun way to test our visual and observation skills. These quizzes typically include a series of images, either with or without text, that require us to identify what the image represents. 

They can range from simple object identification to more complex pattern recognition. In addition to being entertaining, picture quizzes also help improve our memory and critical thinking skills. 

Questions for Picture Quiz: 

These quizzes are based on visual identification and recognition. Participants will be shown an image or picture, and they must provide the correct answer by selecting multiple options. It can include identifying famous landmarks, logos, movie scenes, or even animals.

Example of a Picture Quiz:

Outgrow’s “Character Creator” is a good example of a picture quiz. This lets you choose different characters and create your own unique character. 

Character Creator quiz

[Try out this quiz]

Popular Quiz Question Examples:-

Here are some popular quiz questions, categorized into different industries –


Beauty & Skincare:


Health & Fitness:


Now that we have looked at the most common types of quizzes and the kinds of questions to include, let’s look into the best practices when creating quiz questions.

Best Practices for Quiz Questions

1. Ensure Questions Are Straightforward

Quizzes are generally time-paced, regardless of whether they are for tests or fun! Therefore, when creating your quiz questions, you should ensure they are simple and easy to understand.

Similarly, the questions should be to the point without any extra information that may seem confusing to the participants. In other words, you should avoid double-barrelled questions that lead participants to focus on two things at once.

Try and avoid confusing expressions as well but you can use simple figures of speech such as similes. In a nutshell, keep your questions easy to understand.

2. Use Visuals to Increase Engagement

Using visual elements in your quiz questions can make them more appealing, engaging, and fun! Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media, and it increases conversion rates by 86%. When adding visuals such as gifs/videos, you should ensure they are relevant to the topic. Moreover, if you are creating assessments, do ensure the visuals included are not too distracting for students.

3. Use Logic Jumps for Personalized Responses

Logic jumps are an extremely useful feature to ensure that the participants get the answer best suited to their responses. They can be used in e-commerce recommendation quizzes, and outcome quizzes so that the level of difficulty of the test increases/decreases as per the student’s previous responses. Hence, you can be creative and include logic jumps in your quizzes as you see fit.

4. Ensure Quiz Questions are Optimized for Different Devices

Your quiz should be optimized for easy viewing and be accessible on mobile devices and tablets. Since the usage of mobile devices is way higher these days, pick a quiz maker that automatically converts your quizzes in a suitable format as per the user’s device.

As we know currently, there are approximately 6.92 billion smartphone users worldwide, accounting for about 86.29% of the global population. So, it’s crucial to ensure that your quiz is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed by a large portion of the population. 

Now that you know the type of quiz questions and some of the best practices, you must be wondering, but how do I create a quiz? Do I need to hire a professional? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to be an expert in coding or design to create a quiz. 

There are many user-friendly quiz makers available online that make it easy for anyone to create engaging and interactive quizzes without any technical knowledge. One of the most popular and user-friendly tools is Outgrow

It’s a drag-and-drop platform that allows you to create different types of quizzes, assessments, calculators, and polls with ease. Using a tool like Outgrow also ensures that your quiz is visually appealing and has a professional touch. Let’s find out how to build a quiz with it. 

How to Make a Quiz on Outgrow

When creating a quiz on Outgrow, you can utilize all the suggestions given above easily. Include visual elements in questions and answers, and add logic jumps, graphs, etc. according to your needs. Additionally, you can embed your quiz in various places or integrate it with other tools to improve your workflow.

Want to learn more about creating your quiz on Outgrow? Here is a quick step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

If you don’t have an Outgrow account, sign up for one. If you already have an account, log in.

Step 2: Create a Quiz

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Outcome Quiz” option.

Select Content

Step 3: Choose a Template

Outgrow provides various quiz templates. Select a template that suits your quiz content. You can customize it later. If not, you can build your quiz from scratch as well.  

Select Template

Step 4: Customize Your Quiz

Edit the quiz title, questions, and answer options. You can add images, videos, and other multimedia elements to make it engaging.

customization dashboard

Step 5: Set Scoring and Outcomes

Assign scores to each answer. This helps determine the result or outcome of the quiz based on the total score.

Step 6: Configure Logic (Optional)

You can set conditional logic if you want to create branching logic based on user responses. For example, if the user selects answer A, they go to question 3; if they select answer B, they go to question 4.

Configure Logic

Step 7: Design and Branding

Customize the design of your quiz. You can change colors, fonts, and styles to match your brand or preferences.

Step 8: Publish or Embed the Quiz

Once your quiz is ready, you can publish it on the Outgrow platform and share the link. Alternatively, you can embed it on your website or blog.

If you still have a doubt, check out this video and you’ll be sorted.

Ideas for Quiz Questions

We have discussed various quiz types, quiz questions, and best practices for creating a quiz. However, if you still need ideas for creating your own quiz based on the industry, check out our premade templates here!

Want to see a quiz in practice? Let’s check out a real-life example – a quiz case study from Baroes Publishing.

Baroes Digital Publishing is a publishing house in Brazil. They were looking for a way to increase their conversion and lead generation rates. And a quiz was perfect for that! Hence, they created a personality quiz titled “Which City Should You Move to in 2021?

Which City

This quiz proved to be an extremely effective way for them to meet their desired goals. Upon sharing the quiz, they generated more than 134,000 visits, gathered more than 64,000 leads, and increased conversion rates by 48%.

Here are some quick tips you can use to find out some awesome quiz ideas: 

Explore Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups related to your product or services. It’s like walking into a lively online party where like-minded people keep having a variety of discussions. By mingling and paying attention, you’ll uncover different ideas on the upcoming trends and patterns. This is where you’ll find questions and stories to help you craft a fun quiz. 

Check Out Q&A Sites

Have you ever heard of Quora? It’s like a huge global brainstorming session. People from all over the world ask all kinds of questions. It’s a bit like eavesdropping on the thoughts of the entire internet. The questions you stumble upon there can be pure gold for your quiz ideas. 

Google Quizzes

Use Google to your advantage. Simply type in your favorite topic and add “quizzes” in the search bar. You’ll uncover quizzes created by fellow quiz enthusiasts. It’s like a sneak peek into what’s trendy and what people enjoy. This can be your launchpad to create your own amazing quiz. 

Read Popular Blogs

Seek out well-known blogs in your area of interest. These bloggers are like experts in knowing what their readers love. You’ll stumble upon many cool quiz ideas by diving into their articles and discussions. It’s like digging for gems in a treasure chest of ideas. 

Want to boost your lead generation rates like Baroes Digital Publishing? Try Outgrow Now

Or if you want some more quiz inspiration, check out our blog below!


There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating quizzes. With the help of online tools like Outgrow, anyone can easily create engaging and interactive quizzes in no time. Quizzes not only provide entertainment but also serve as a great way to learn new things and engage with your audience. 

So whether you’re a teacher trying to make learning fun or a marketer looking for a unique way to gather leads, quizzes are definitely worth considering. Try to include different types of quiz questions so that you can keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Do you have any other quiz tips and tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments below! Ready to create your own quiz straightaway? Try Outgrow with a 7-day free trial without any commitment! No credit card details required.


The ideal type of quiz depends on your specific purpose. Multiple-choice quizzes are versatile for knowledge assessment, true/false quizzes are straightforward for factual checks, and open-ended quizzes encourage critical thinking. The best choice depends on your educational or engagement objectives.

Many people use multiple-choice questions in quizzes. These questions give you a list of answers to choose from, making them good for different subjects and people with different levels of knowledge. But remember, the best type of quiz question depends on what you want to learn or test.

A scored quiz is an assessment where participants answer questions and receive numerical scores based on the correctness of their responses, typically used for educational or training purposes.

To make quizzes more engaging, consider integrating interactive elements such as images, gifs, or videos to captivate participants visually. Personalization plays a key role, so craft questions that resonate with the individual, creating a more tailored experience. Additionally, boost engagement by offering immediate feedback or insightful results based on their quiz responses, adding a dynamic and rewarding dimension to the experience.

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