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Top 5 Mailchimp Integrations To Grow Your Business

This blog talks about the top 5 Mailchimp integration tools. We discuss their features, their success stories, and their integration details

I think all marketers agree on one thing. Collaborations are the key to success. In fact, the same could be said about marketing tools and their integrations.

Oh wait, let us rephrase.

The same should be said about marketing tools and their integration.

Previously, we have discussed tools that integrate with marketing giants like HubSpot and Zoho. So, in this blog, we will be discussing Mailchimp integration tools that might just take the cake!

These Mailchimp integration tools gel with the email marketing giant effortlessly. In fact, they might just make your marketing efforts a child’s play—well, almost.

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1. Lightspeed For eCommerce

The marketing features of Lightspeed help marketing teams make their online businesses searchable. With offerings like SEO optimization, SERP friendly blog, inbuilt blogging tools, and superfast site speed, your eCommerce is just a Google away for consumers. Moreover, you can integrate your business with social media apps and expose the products to a broader audience auto-‘magically‘.

Top 5 Mailchimp Integration To Grow Your Business

LeZot—a camera business—was troubled with the mismatched in-store and online product status. Hence, they started using Lightspeed to replace the old eCommerce system. Then, they synced their online and offline stores giving a boost to their online shopping experience.

Top 5 Mailchimp Integration To Grow Your Business


Check out this video review of Lightspeed.

2. Loyalty And Referrals With Yotpo

If you had the ability to show all the fantastic reviews in your mail campaigns and spruce up the click-through rate, wouldn’t you do it? Well, Yotpo is one such fab loyalty and referral tool that lets you accomplish just that.

Rewards based on users’ actions increase the lifetime value of customers. Your loyal users can refer new customers from various channels, and increase your customer base. These functions come with measurable results through analytics and a detailed dashboard.

Loyalty And Referrals With Yotpo

Yopto is exactly what one needs to turn customer advocacy into a revenue machine for their business.

ThirdLove was contemplating growing its loyal customer base. Moreover, they wanted to reach out to new shoppers using referral programs. They joined hands with Yotpo to create a perks program instead of a point system for their loyal customers. Moreover, Yotpo helped them pick the right strategy for their brand.

This video review by Beardbrand would definitely convince you about Yotpo’s capability.

3. Eventzilla For Event Planning

Events and their management can be an extremely tiresome process for a brand. But now you can amplify your events with Eventzilla and make sure that they bring in the ROI you hoped for.

Eventzilla offers a platform for event marketing and registrations. It can help you in creating a website and mobile app for particular events and engage your audience.

In fact, creating an event registration page is simple and super intuitive with Eventzilla. The tool just asks for the basic information and your event page will be set up in a matter of minutes. It supports multiple payment options with invoicing like cards, checks, bank transfers, and cash.

Eventzilla For Event Planning

With clients like Subway, TEDx, Capgemini, and Harvard, Eventzilla needs no wordy testimonial. But we can’t unfollow our trend of sharing customers’ insights, can we?. 😊

Board of State and Community Corrections—the community correction unit of California—have been using it for a long time. They call the Eventzilla team ‘a dream to work with’ and are satisfied with their quick services and efficient management.

Now when you go gaga over your successful events next time, don’t forget to thank us.

4. 3dcart Website Builder

An eCommerce business thrives on a superbly designed website and its smooth UX experience. If your online store has troubles, 3dcart is just for you—a God-sent angel.

3dcart’s created websites come with responsive designs and are integrated with Google AMP for product display. The builder ensures fast loading of the pages with priority given to essential features. You can tailor the designs with fonts and colors of your choice, even in the preset themes.

3dcart Website Builder

With 3dcart, adding your products to the website in bulk is not clumsy, it just requires a CSV file! Also, you can make any page user-friendly with the help of multiple languages. And what’s more—the builder includes readymade SEO.

eLeMeNO-Pee—an eCommerce store for parenting—switched their website to 3dcart. They were keen to redesign it for better customizations, gift registry, and enhanced display of catalogs and products. After a few months, their gross sales jumped by 200-300% in a year owing to their website design changes.

Just because we love this platform doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the video review by ToptenReviews.

5. Measure With Cyfe

This is the last one in our Mailchimp integration tools. A country store for checking analytics, Cyfe can be your magic wand to power data. You can track marketing, social media, web analytics, and startup figures apart from other business KPIs.

Within the marketing domain, a look at SEO, SEM, and email statistics can help you measure your marketing initiatives. Moreover, thanks to Cyfe, understanding the tangible results of social media marketing is so quick and easy.

Measure With Cyfe

Want to produce real-time insights and churn archives too? Cyfe is a solution worth trying. Downloading and sharing the reports with anyone is a matter of a few seconds.

Hive Digital Strategy—a marketing agency—engages Cyfe for all their clientele statistics measurement. They are highly impressed with the incredible features offered at a pocket-friendly budget of $29 per month. No wonder the tool enjoys near-5 ratings on Capterra and Software Advice.

Tip: Want to check your marketing success? Here is our quick guide.

Paul Minors, a virtual consultant for businesses and productivity, certifies the efficiency of the tool in this video review.

And Before We Wrap Up

Without such collaborations, marketing wouldn’t be so much fun and exciting but a lifelong hardship. These integrations make our lives, and marketers’ lives easier, and make room for creativity.

Have you used any of these Mailchimp integration tools? Tell us about your experience and win a bundle of applause from us.

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