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Amazing Interactive Content Examples For You 

Remember those days when your teachers conducted oral quizzes in the school? And the winning team used to get those delicious candies? Those were some fun times, weren’t they? We admit we have a reason we are asking for this. And that reason just happens to be interactive content. Interactive content like quizzes and calculators help companies build curiosity and increase brand awareness by increasing curiosity. Much like those school quizzes! In fact, they are considered one of the highest converting content pieces. That just might be the reason why amazing interactive content examples are easy to come by.

In fact, brands that introduce killer interactive content have locked 57% brand awareness among potential consumers. If you are still jamming with your consumers through pure verbose content, it might be a great idea to revamp your marketing strategy to make leeway for interactive content. Check how these global brands made the most to engage new and existing users. These are the best interactive content examples out there!

1. Interactive Quiz By Inventrom

Inventrom is a fully integrated platform for all your projects. It has its own hardware, a cloud dashboard, and its own smartphone app. Inventrom used Outgrow to create a training and scholarship assessment to qualify users for their IoT and ML training program. They even offered good discounts for training. The assessment also helped Inventrom gain a huge amount of qualified leads!


They embedded the interactive experience on their website for all their visitors to have easy access to it. It contains a variety of question types and has a strong visual appeal. They used interactive content in such a way that it benefited not only them but also their users! It leverages a monetary benefit in exchange for their lead information. The assessment helped them gain 30000+ qualified leads and over 50000 visits. This resulted in a conversion rate of over 63%, which is huge! This helped them gain better candidates. And most of all, it increased their brand awareness and generated loyalty within its users.

2. Beauty with BirchBox

Fashion is an industry that runs a lot on experiences users receive with marketing campaigns. Keeping this in mind, Birchbox used interactive content to boost their customer experience. To understand the beat of users, generate leads, and increase sales, BirchBox published quizzes on their social media channels.

Birchbox played it smart by running this interactive content example that helped its customers find the right brand for their skin problems. The recommendations offered by this quiz are personalized and are appreciated a lot.

The Reason? It is complex to offer tailored suggestions about cosmetics that work. The outcome suggests 3 amazing products that suit the user’s style. All of which is assessed in just 5 questions. In fact, we like to think that the 3 products recommended by the quiz happen to hit the bull’s eye 3 times.

Amazing Interactive Content Examples

3. Assessment by Adobe

Everyone has a creative side, we agree. But what is your creative type?

Try this super fun quiz from Adobe. It assesses your regular habits and views about the world. Then, it generates a creative personality based on psychology. This quiz can help you unleash your hidden traits in creativity.

Amazing Interactive Content Examples

Last time, when I tested myself, I was a dreamer (literally). Sounds fun, no? Adobe Create Team has curated this quiz and it is evidently full of animation and colors.

It puts you in one of the 8 creative categories. Just select one of the 2 options in each of the 15 questions. Don’t worry, the animated screens keep you hooked. What’s more, you could finish within a few minutes.

The result is a full analysis of your creative personality.


4. Cengage Calculator

As an education company, Cengage creates experiences for its students. These students range from the K12 level to professional levels.

Cengage’s calculator helps judge the saved amount on course materials when students opt for courses in an institute. With just 2 screens to calculate the savings, it automatically populates the associated secondary courses based on the student’s main course.

Amazing Interactive Content Examples

Amazing Interactive Content Examples

Thus, students can figure their savings in 2 steps. According to a survey, 85% of students feel stressed about the expenses of course material. This quiz lifts that stress to some extent with insights on the savings with Cengage’s course materials.

We also loved the option to mail the results or connect with Cengage just below the results in this tiny and quick calculator. After all, leaving no stones unturned while creating CTAs is the only way to market your product

5. NYTimes Calculator

NYTimes aces the chart in publishing interactive content. What is more exciting about their quizzes is the result. They throw realistic light on the topic and make you feel good, just like this quiz that analyzes your richness quotient.

NYTimes aces the chart in publishing interactive content.

After giving a good insight into the income level of people in your demographics, they motivate you with a philosophical answer. The crisp and to the point questions are a great hook while the result displayed right below are insightful for the user as well.

6. Interactive eBook by Prophix

Tired of shuffling through an eBook? Check this interactive and genuinely interesting eBook by Prophix. This eBook is a mix of audio, a digital VA, and an eBook. Penny—the digital assistant—guides you through the book on AI-based digital transformation in the Finance field.

interactive content examples

interactive content examples

Here, Penny is running audio from an industry expert on the ubiquitous question, “Will AI eliminate my job?”

What makes navigation even easier is the link to each section when you click on the Menu option.

interactive content examples

Such interactive eBooks can be your lead generation magnet when placed on your landing pages.

7. Mercedes’ Insurance Calculator

This quiz by Star Protect Insurance on Mercedes cars is quick. Based on your car’s model, age, and ex-showroom price, you can calculate the insurance premium you pay to the Insurance company. Simple, clear-cut and extremely helpful.

interactive content examples

But what makes this quiz shine is the simple 3-steps process. After adding the required information, you would be able to find the amount your wallet has to surrender. No more calling an agent or sending an email to the company.

Before We Leave

There is no better way a marketer can suggest bewitching your audience than using interactive content. And these interactive content examples are proof. It simply rolls up the blinds between you and your audience to create a 2-way lane for talks. 

With human attention shrunk to 8 seconds (even Goldfish has 9 seconds attention span), you as a marketer can make a big impact with interactive content using these quizzes and calculators.

How are you going to make marketing fun in the coming year?

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