Outgrow's product update for may 2024

Outgrow May 2024 Product Update | AI Content, Coupon Codes, CTAs, A/B Testing

Welcome to the Outgrow product update for May 2024!

What’s new in store, you ask? Well, this time it’s about improving on our latest features to make it more user-friendly and effective for you. We took feedback for our newest features and checked their performance over time. Moreover, we also have some new features to convert your clients better and make them brand loyalists!

So in this update blog, we will be talking about the enhanced AI content creation and A/B testing along with the new coupon code addition and CTA engagement tracking! We’re excited to show you how we’ve improved. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

AI Content Generation Just Got Better

If you have seen our previous posts, you know we have jumped on the AI bandwagon!

Of course, you have used AI tools to create static content like product descriptions, social posts, and blogs. But we are all about making your journey interactive! 

So we launched our AI content generator which makes fun, personalized, and eye-catching quizzes, surveys, chatbots, and more for you – in minutes and without any effort. Just answer a few pre-set questions and you’re done!

Outgrow's AI content generator

But we were not satisfied yet! What if those pre-defined questions do not align with your goals? What if you want to give your own prompts to generate the content?

We see you. and we hear you. So we came up with not just 1 but 5 different prompt types so that you can create anything anyhow! 

  • URL: Directly enter the website link for which you want to make the content for
  • Document/PDF: Upload a document which describes the idea of your desired content piece
  • Contextual: Enter text from any book chapter, story, or research abstract to let the AI extract its main idea and create a quiz
  • Prompt Driven: Input any topic or question and let the AI create a quick quiz
  • Chat: Answer a pre-defined set of questions and the AI will create interactive content of your choice for you 
Outgrow's AI content builder

So next time you have a crunch of ideas or creativity, tune in to Outgrow and let the AI Content Generator tool do the magic for you.

As it goes with any AI tool, it’s always good to know that the more clearly you convey your ideas to the AI, the better results you’ll get. There are endless possibilities an AI can have – so make the best use of it and have fun while you’re at it!

Engage Customers with Coupon Codes

What are some of the top things that make customers come back to you? Good service and good deals, right?

Well, we know you do your best to improve your products and service (like us ;)). So we are here to help you go that extra mile by providing exclusive discounts to your users.

With Outgrow, you can now boost your marketing efforts by directly offering coupon codes through your interactive content. You can create, upload, and assign coupon codes to your users directly from the Build tab of your Outgrow builder.

Outgrow's builder

And this is the gateway to enhancing customer loyalty and acquisition. Outgrow’s coupon code feature streamlines your process of rewarding your audience and gathers valuable insights at the same time. 

Outgrow's coupon code setup

So be it a campaign promotion or a loyalty program you are looking to set up, Outgrow can be a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs!

Know How Engaging Your CTA Buttons Are

You have created your interactive content piece and added an appealing CTA button to direct your users to take the intended action. Great!

But how do you know if that CTA button is actually effective and that people are clicking on it? What if users are dropping off before clicking?

We know the importance of converting leads. Hence, we are giving the power in your hands to track it!

To understand if the CTA buttons are effective, we launched the Engagement feature. This feature can be accessed by going to the User Funnels section in the Analyze tab. This will let you analyze how many users clicked the CTA button and where the user dropped off from the content.

Outgrow's engagement tracking

You can also find the click-through rate, which is indicative of the percentage of people clicking on the CTA when compared to all the users.

Ideally, the benchmark figure should be 15-20% for a proper CTA. But a good way to start is by improving it every time against your previous performance.

Moreover, if you have Conditional Messaging set up, you can have a different CTA for each condition. 

A/B Testing Is Now More Convenient Than Ever

A/B testing is a great way to understand the performance of your marketing campaign and improve it. And this one step can impact everything from customer engagement to conversions. 

With this feature, you can compare multiple variants of a content piece you have built on Outgrow. This means that you can easily assess the performance of your content pieces and automatically divert the traffic to the better-performing content. This is widely known as the multi-arm bandit approach.

In our last update, we shared that you can go to the A/B testing tab to test different versions of your content. However, we found that it was not very convenient for our users and hence, we have now moved it directly to the Build tab.

Outgrow's A/B testing feature

This will let you quickly A/B test your content without any hassle.

Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap! We’re very thrilled to share these latest feature enhancements from Outgrow product update with you. These improvements will make your interactive journey smoother and more effective than ever. 

As a leading platform for creating meaningful interactive content, we keep on working to make things better for our customers. If you have tried Outgrow and want to share any feedback, please write to us at questions@outgrow.co.

And if you haven’t tried us yet, check out our amazing platform with a free account. Sign up for a whole new world of customer engagement and conversions with Outgrow!

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