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Top Interactive Experiences Of January 2019 on Outgrow

We know you’ve been waiting for this. Yes, it’s that time again. We’re bringing you the top interactive experiences- January 2019 that were created on the Outgrow platform!

This time we had way too many capable entries in the list. If we are being honest, it certainly wasn’t easy to pick out the ones we included here.
However, there is one thing that made it all easy for us- we can never get enough of interactive content!
Thankfully, the amazing designs by our clients make sure that we never run out of stock.

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1) Experience Type: Graded Quiz

Title: Skillsphere Sunday Quiz

Template: StockholmTop Experience January 2019

SkillSphere Education conducts a variety of programmes and workshops which focus on the development of good communication skills and public speaking skills. Moreover, they focus on general knowledge, and other important life skills including analytical thinking, lateral thinking, and teamwork.
They were looking to gather qualified leads from a tool that was user-friendly and time efficient.

Enter: Outgrow
Skillsphere ended up creating a Graded quiz that checks the prospect’s general awareness. This was enticing enough to attract the target audience and interesting enough for them to provide their contact information.
We love the fact that they have included just a minimal set of questions. In fact, they have followed the golden rule of ‘offering fewer choices’ in their answer options as well. Furthermore, they have positioned the company’s logo on the quiz and that is something we always recommend!

2) Experience Type: Calculator

Title: What Is Your Risk Of Getting A Heart Disease?

Template: The GreekTop Experience January 2019

Optimal Home Care is a Colorado-owned and operated skilled home health care agency. It was established in 2004 with the mission of improving and restoring its clients’ lives through quality patient care, innovative specialty healthcare programs, and state-of-the-art technology. They strive to provide the best home health care possible without compromising the quality of care that their clients deserve in their homes.

The experience created by them is just as effective as their work. It aims to calculate the prospect’s risk of a heart attack or stroke. They ask questions that are major determinants in determining the prospect’s heart risk. We love the minimalistic design of the calculator.
Most importantly, the calculator is centered around the fact that February is the American Heart Month.
Talk about trending content!

3) Experience Type: Calculator

Title: Instant Online Cost Estimate

Template: The MadridTop Experience January 2019

Get True undertakes the contracts of leveling homes in Central and Northern Alberta with the use of the latest technology. Moreover, they provide leveling and anchoring services to those houses. They wanted a tool that could deliver qualified leads that could match the quality of their work.
Hence, they chose to create an interactive calculator that provides the prospect with an estimate of their services. The calculator takes merely 5-6 seconds to complete and provides a personalized answer for each of the prospects.
Most importantly, even a complex calculator like this did not require any coding. Just the right formula along with the right questions and- Voila! They had created an extremely effective lead magnet!

4) Experience Type: Chatbot

Title: Would You Like To Know More About Husqvarna Group Services?Top Experience January 2019

Husqvarna Group is a globally leading producer of outdoor power products for forest, park and garden care. Their products include chainsaws, trimmers, robotic lawn mowers, and ride-on lawn mowers. Moreover, The Group is the European leader in garden watering products and a global leader in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.

What was their interactive experience, you ask?
Well, you must be familiar with the latest interactive content type by Outgrow- Chatbots. Husqvarna Group created a chatbot that allowed them to collect qualified leads 24*7 without the need for human personnel. It informs a prospect of the particular services that The Group can provide them. Furthermore, it collects additional information from the prospects which helps them to create a more detailed buyer persona.

Oh, and how can we not mention the amazing video on the results page of the Chatbot!

5) Experience Type: Calculator

Title: Digital Transformation Assessment

Template: The ChicagoTop Experience January 2019

Nuvoola is a cloud-managed service provider experienced in enabling digital technologies.
They deliver value to organizations and individuals, by partnering with them to develop innovative, differentiated solutions and services, based on AI, blockchain and the cloud. In fact, their cloud architects, and DevOps team have direct access to data science and blockchain expertise, allowing them to combine the most advanced, business-centric digital technologies in the cloud to deliver rapid results.
The calculator created by Nuvoola hits all the right notes. The progress bar on the top of the question nudges the prospect to complete the calculator. Moreover, the inclusion of numeric sliders and detailed results page makes this experience a clear winner. 
However, what we love most is the way they have tried to leverage consumer exclusivity. They gave the prospects a chance to get custom assessments if they enter their contact information.

6) Experience Type: Poll

Title: Where Is The Condo Market Heading In The Future?

Template: The ChicagoTop Experience January 2019

Arlington Condo is a company headed by Rick Bosl, who is a realtor based out of Arlington. He aims to buy, sell and search for condos in the area. Bosl was looking to boost his lead generation game and turned to interactive content.
However, he wanted a tool that didn’t just collect leads but also collected the general public opinion about the ‘future of Condos’. Consequently, he created a visually appealing interactive poll that people would actually be interested in attempting.
We love the inclusion of visuals and graphics, progress bar and company logo placement. Furthermore, the CTA is positioned right above the detailed result page. What’s not to love, huh?

7) Experience Type: E-commerce Recommendation

Title: Future Fortune Teller

Template: The ChicagoThe Chicago

We often say that a catchy headline is one of the most important aspects of interactive content. They are recorded to increase conversion by 500% This recommendation quiz by Kiwi Wealth certainly proves this point.
Kiwi Wealth Home is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated investment management business that helps Kiwis plan and invest for their futures through their KiwiSaver scheme, Superannuation scheme, and their Private Portfolio Service.
The quiz is visually appealing as it includes a number of pictures along with interesting questions. The text content is brief and humorous. However, their innovative way of collecting leads takes the cake here. They invite the prospects to shell out their contact information if they want to be included in their $200 prize lottery.
And what is a better motivator than a free lottery? 😀

8) Experience Type: Outcome Quiz

Title: The Ultimate Summer Destination Quiz

Template: The ChicagoTop Experience January 2019

Cruise Sale Finder is the most comprehensive source of cruise sales and cruise ship reviews. They aim to provide a convenient and secure booking engine to help prospects find exactly what they are looking for. In fact, they provide services for ocean getaways within Australia, the South Pacific, the Pacific Islands, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand and many more areas. They also provide services for river cruising.
Much like their work, their experience is fun to attempt. We love their results page that shows personalized outcomes to anyone who attempts the quiz. The social media share buttons are hard to miss, as is the actionable CTA.

9) Experience Type: E-commerce Recommendation

Title: Wondering About The Birthday Party Theme?

Template: The StockholmTop Experience January 2019

This is easily the most interesting experience on our list. So, we decided to keep this as our last. Rentsher organizes parties and rents out party equipment as well. They organize everything from corporate events to children birthday parties.
Rentsher created an experience that suggests the birthday party theme for the prospects on the basis of their answer. They have included colorful icons that accompany the options in the quiz. We love the color combination of the quiz that is in sync with the company’s color palette. They have followed most of the best practices for creating interactive content. For instance, the CTA is positioned right before the results page. Consequently, each party theme suggestion is accompanied by appropriate packages.

So, what do you think? Is it time to get the party started or what?
We think the best way to do that is to create a kickass interactive experience. Who knows, your experience might be in the list for February 2019!

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