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How many more Leads will I get from Interactive Content?
7th June 2017 Anand Kansal

How many more Leads will I get from Interactive Content?

This is the second episode of a weekly series where we’ll be sharing examples of interactive content which can help businesses drive traffic, generate leads, engage prospects and build relationships with customers.

In today's world, content marketing is a key ingredient of any self-respecting marketing strategy. And one issue all content marketers have to deal with is, how to get more leads from your content. At Outgrow, we believe that interactive content runs circles around static content when it comes to lead generation.

In case you're contemplating whether to try interactive content, this calculator tells you exactly how many more leads you'll get if you add quizzes and calculators to your existing marketing stack. Let's get started. 


Hope this calculator will inspire you to get started with interactive content today. What strategies do you suggest for a newbie to lead generation through interactive content? Sound off in the comments below.

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