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Top 7 Content Curation Tools You Can’t Miss in 2023

We have talked a lot about content creation in the past. But let’s be honest, churning out quality content at high frequency can be tough. And so, what we need is content curation tools that serve as a blessing during times when creating original content can feel like a herculean task.

What Does Curated Content Mean?

Curated content refers to creating a list of the already existing content on a topic. So, when you consider sharing already existing content with your audience, it is known as content curation. This can be blogs, videos, graphics created by other businesses in your industry or industry experts. Content curation saves you time, money but at the same time provides good quality content to your audience.  But this brings us to a very important question –

What is the difference between curated and created content?

Content creation is the process of building original content from scratch whereas content curation is scourging the internet for already existing content and making a collection that you want to share with your audience. The former is a lengthy process involving time, resources, and lots of knowledge. Content curation, on the other hand, is quicker as you just need to find some fantastic content out there.

How Do Content Curation Tools Help?

These tools help you create your personal dashboard across areas that your business caters to. So now, whenever people drop by on these platforms, they see all the resources that you have to share on a particular topic. This not only increases your presence across multiple platforms but also increases your brand authority, website traffic, and overall brand awareness

But remember, when you share content curated by industry experts and other brands, it makes you a go-to resource hub for all the content. Moreover, you can save yourself from appearing “salesy” since you care more about your audience’s requirements and are willing to curate content created by other brands in your industry.

Top Content Curation Tools

In this section, we share with you some of the top content curation tools that you need to start using to find newer audiences for your business and expand your reach. In fact, some of these are free content curation tools that you can get started with today.

1. Pocket

free content curation tools

Pocket is a content curation tool available as a website and also as an app. It allows you to save articles in your “pocket” so that you can access them later. You can create a list of saved articles that your followers can view and react to.

Moreover, Pocket’s in-house curators bring to you some of the best articles from different parts of the internet. If you wish to dive into content curation, this may be a great place to start.


  • Ability to create lists across different content types including articles and videos
  • Mobile browsing capability


Pocket is free up to 60 saved articles. And its premium version costs $4.99 per month.

2. Feedly

content curation tool

Feedly AI tool Leo helps you curate a bunch of news articles, newsletters, videos, and much more. But that’s not it; Leo goes a step further by cutting out clutter from your feed and finding you the best and most insightful articles to read. Basically, it does all the work for you.


  • Ability to find articles on specific keywords, trends, and topics
  • An AI assistant that can be trained to find the most appropriate content
  • Connect with the team and share content dashboards
  • Ability to integrate with platforms like IFTTT, Microsoft Teams, Pocket Zapier, and more
  • Advanced AI research skills including competitive and industry intelligence


Feedly offers three plans, Pro ($6), Pro+ ($8.25), and an Enterprise plan.

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3. Triberr

power of Triberr

This next content curation tool is useful for businesses and influencers alike. But if you’re an influencer, you might want to pay close attention. Triberr allows you to curate suitable content and share it across multiple platforms.

Additionally, Triberr has its own community where users upvote and share each other’s content, thus offering the much-needed boost that small businesses and micro-influencers need.


  • An ecosystem to curate, distribute, promote and share content across multiple platforms
  • Offers a community that boosts distributed content across platforms
  • Triberr Analytics helps monitor clicks, shares, and community engagement
  • Additional features include a special ecosystem for influencers including influencer database, pipeline management, performance tracking


Triberr offers a free plan, followed by the Lite plan that costs $20 and a Prime plan that costs $50.

4. Twitter Lists

twitter lists

You have to be living under a rock to not know what Twitter Lists are. But even if you don’t, we have got you covered. Twitter offers the capability of creating lists where you can save posts and articles shared on Twitter for future reference. And as we promised, this is yet another free content curation tool that you can get started with.


  • Pin lists to your timeline to never miss an update
  • Create lists on topics, accounts, interests (including hashtags)
  • Share links to these lists with your community


Twitter Lists are a free content curation tool.

5. Huzzaz

content curation tools

Huzzaz is a video content curation tool for all you video fanatics. You can collate videos across multiple platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and many more. This way you can create a hub for your audience of all the videos they need on a particular topic.


  • Find video collections across topics and themes
  • Video gallery design templates for pro members
  • Integrations with over 5000 websites
  • Analytics offering insights on user behavior


Huzzaz has a free plan followed by a Pro plan that costs $99 per annum.

6. Pinterest


Don’t we all love Pinterest? But did we realize that it has always been the go-to content curation platform? Yes! Pinterest is a content curation tool that allows you to “pin” images and posts shared by different accounts. You can create a Pinterest board that’d be a one-stop destination for your audience.


  1. Create group boards with other influencers or businesses
  2. Build a high-interest community
  3. Leverage the audience network


Pinterest is a free social media platform and content curation tool.

7. Outgrow 

Outgrow content curation tools

Talking about content curation, let’s look at novel ways of curating your content. Blog posts, videos, infographics have all been talked about, but how about you revamp your content and share them as interactive content, like quizzes, calculators, polls, surveys, recommendations, and more? 

Confused? We’ll clear all your doubts.

Our ultimate aim with content curation is to increase website traffic, brand awareness, and engagement to drive conversions. And interactive continent has been proven to show twice the engagement as static content.

Outgrow is one such tool that allows you to create various interactive content types like quizzes and calculators within minutes and without any coding.

Types of Interactive Content

Outgrow can be used as a content curation tool by simply adding links to multiple interactive experiences to one pillar page, also built on Outgrow. Here is a curated list of our trending interactive experiences. This page was built using Outgrow’s giveaway landing page and the internal links were built on Outgrow quizzes, calculators, chatbots, etc.

Outgrow trending templates


  • 1000+ premade templates to curate content innovatively
  • Variety of content types to choose from – quizzes, calculators, chatbots, eCommerce recommendations, polls, surveys
  • Analytics and performance dashboards to improve performance
  • 1000+ integrations


Outgrow offers multiple pricing plans ranging from a free plan to paid plans from $14 per month to $600 per month. Want to know other ways of using interactive content? Here’s a must read👇

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Top 7 content curation tools that you must try in 2023 – here you go! These tools can be a lifesaver when you are focusing on other important tasks. Just set up curated content on these tools and share them with your audience and voila, you are on track in no time without actually having to create content from scratch! Want to check out novel ways of content curation? How about you sign up here.

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