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7 Best Survey Tools You Should Try Out ASAP! [Free + Paid]

Collecting data might sound taxing. But, we are here with the perfect solution – online survey tools! They can help you collate valuable information such as any feedback/suggestions, statistical data, and social research- all in one place. If you want to learn more about the best free survey tools out there, you’re in the right place!

Let’s look at the basics first, before diving down into the comparisons!

What Is a Survey?

A survey is a tool used to collect useful information, generally from a pre-defined group of individuals. Surveys can be used for gathering preferential, statistical, and analytical data easily.

Benefits of Surveys

There has been a surge of people searching for the best survey tools out there, due to their benefits such as –

  1. Increasing customer engagement – Sharing a survey with your customers/user base can allow you to engage with your customers in an interactive manner. You can create and share surveys that will allow your customers to provide useful feedback/suggestions.
  2. One place for collecting and analyzing – Another reason why everyone is searching for the best free survey tool online is that it makes everything easily accessible in one spot. There would be no need to go through stacks of paper surveys and analyze responses anymore!
  3. Generate leads – The best free survey tools out there can help you generate leads with ease. All you have to do is make sure to embed a lead generation form when creating your survey. This will allow you to collect relevant lead data such as email addresses.
  4. Cost-effective – Going digital in your survey creation and sharing process can save you a lot of money. This is because the entire process can be done online, without the need to buy any resources such as pens/papers/calculators, etc.

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Create Survey

Just a heads up, if you run a WordPress site, then it’s worth taking some time to consider using a  WordPress form builderThis is a great tool for anyone looking to create surveys on a WordPress site. But if you prefer to use a separate tool, then here are alternatives you can consider.

Now, let’s jump right into the list of best survey tools out there!

Best Survey Tools

1.    Outgrow

best survey tools

We’d call this the “jack of all tools” for sure! Outgrow’s builder allows you to not only create a survey but configure, integrate, embed, analyze and share your survey as well.

Notable Benefits –

  • WYSIWYG builder allows you to have a real-time view of every change you make in your survey effortlessly.
  • Multiple embedding options for sharing your survey wherever and however you want.
  • Endless integration options for sharing and analyzing your results on different platforms.
  • Logic jumps, the ability to add your lead generation forms anywhere in the survey, and email notification options.
  • Different question types such as multiple-choice questions, single and multiple-choice options, alphanumeric answer options, and much much more!

Want to learn more about the different types of survey questions offered by Outgrow? Check out our blog below!

Survey Questions


  • Due to popular demand, Outgrow now offers a free plan that includes features such as
    • Access to 4 content pieces
    • Integration/analytics and tracking
    • Access to 5 layouts
    • Embedding features
  • For paid plans, Outgrow offers 4 different options: Freelancer (Limited) – $22/per month, Freelancer – $45/per month, Essentials – $115/per month, and Business – $720/per month. For an in-depth look into the features available within these plans, click on the link here.

Common use cases –

Outgrow can be used in various industries and for various purposes.

Thanks to the different content types available, you can create your own quiz, calculator, assessment, survey, product recommendation quiz, chatbot, or poll for business or educational purposes.

All these benefits definitely put it on the list of best survey tools out there!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Outgrow for FREE now!

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2. Qualtrics XM

7 best survey tools

Secondly in our list of best survey tools, we’ll look at Qualtrics XM. This is a company that offers different experience management tools. One of their offerings is their survey software, which comes packed with features.

Notable Benefits –

  • Drag and drop survey tool.
  • Data encryption, single-sign-on options, and continuous network monitoring for enhanced security.
  • Ability to custom-program your survey in languages such as Java, Python, Node JS.
  • Personalized survey design recommendations generated through AI.


  • Qualtrics XM allows users to either request a demo or create their free account.
  • The paid version starts from $1500 per year, with a limit of 5000 on survey responses.
  • The company aims to offer custom plans specific to each customer’s needs, therefore they encourage their customers to opt for the “request a demo” option.

Common Use Cases –

  • Qualtrics XM offers extensive analytical and customization options. Hence, it is most suitable for businesses and enterprises looking to share and collect data-heavy surveys.

3. CrowdSignal

7 best survey tools

CrowdSignal is an online tool for creating polls, surveys, and quizzes. Theirs is amongst the best survey tools due to benefits such as –

Notable Benefits –

  • Ability to use your own URL to share your quiz
  • Data export and sharing on various platforms
  • Bot and spam response protection options
  • Conditional branching options for complex questions


  • Free Plan – They offer unlimited questions, surveys, polls, and ratings. However, the free plan is limited to 2500 signals.
  • Premium Plan ($15 per month, billed annually)
    Features – logic trees, collect unlimited signals, real-time access to responses and results.
  • Business Plan ($45 per month, billed annually)
    Features – CSS themes, redirecting traffic after submission, using your own domain name, and advanced API access.
  • Team Plan ($29 per user/per month, billed annually)
    Features – Allows teams to collaborate, share, analyze and filter the surveys and the responses.

Common Use Cases –

  • CrowdSignal’s cost-effective pricing plans make it most suitable for academic settings. Their free plan is pretty generous, allowing you to create unlimited surveys with just a cap on the number of signals. Therefore, that makes one of the best free survey tools out there for students!

4.  SurveyLegend

7 best survey tools

Next up in our list of best survey tools is SurveyLegend. And they’re here to make sure your survey-creating experience is legendary! Let’s see why.

Notable Benefits

  • Spam-bot protection to only allow authentic leads through.
  • Multi-device support so you can pick up and edit your survey wherever you want.
  • Trash & restore surveys to continue progress on any existing surveys.
  • White label surveys to allow you to share your survey with your brand.
  • Gallery layouts for different customization options.


  • SurveyLegend offers 4 plans –
    • Starter (Free forever)
    • Pro ($15/month)
    • Business ($25/month)
    • Legendary ($65/month)
  • One of the biggest differences between these plans depends on how many surveys you can create within each. With Starter, you can only create 3 surveys, 20 with Pro and unlimited with the Business and Legendary plans.

Common Use Cases –

  • Features such as multiple participation, auto-saving, and easy drag-and-drop customization make it suitable for educational purposes.
  • On the other hand, the survey software is secure and reliable enough to be used in businesses and enterprises also. This flexibility of use cases adds it to our list of best survey tools!

5. GetFeedback

7 best survey tools

GetFeedback is another customer experience platform. Our feedback on GetFeedback is that they definitely deserve a spot on this list of best survey tools!

Notable Benefits –

  • GetFeedback’s survey forms are the only CX (customer experience) solutions that are built around Salesforce’s features. In other words, they allow for users to automate survey distribution, assign tasks, and access valuable insights to enhance the survey-making experience.
  • Their real-time analytics dashboard allows you to analyze responses efficiently.
  • You can also share your surveys through a website widget, email, or by triggering them through Salesforce.


  • They offer a 14-day free trial, complete with all the Salesforce features as well as 20 survey responses.
  • GetFeedback has 2 tiers –
    •  Professional: $50/month
    •  Enterprise: Starting at $150/month
  • They encourage customers to reach out to them for custom quotes to ensure they are able to offer a pricing plan that best caters to each customer’s use cases.

 Common Use Cases –

  • GetFeedback’s robust analytical features, as well as integration options with Salesforce, make it a good choice for business and enterprise customers.

6. QuestionPro

7 best survey tools

The next in our list of best survey tools is QuestionPro. And going by their name, you can tell they’re pros in creating surveys!

Notable Benefits –

  • +20 survey themes for different customization options
  • Google sheets integration for sharing and analyzing your data in your Google account.
  • reCaptcha validation to prevent spamming attempts.
  • Randomize answer options for making your quiz more engaging.
  • Automatic question numbering ensures your quiz creating process is hassle-free.


  • QuestionPro offers 3 pricing plans –
    • Essentials (now free)
    • Advanced ($85/month)
    • Team Edition (request pricing)

Common Use Cases –

  • Most of the features mentioned above are available along with the free essentials plan. For that reason, we say QuestionPro is another good option for students tight on a budget looking to build a survey for any academic purposes
  • Moving to the priced plans, they offer very useful solutions that would be apt for businesses and different departments looking to create surveys for their own use cases.

7. Confirmit

7 best survey tools

Confirmit is part of Forsta, which is a software and customer experience brand. We can confirm that Confirmit’s survey builder ensures it has a spot on this best survey tools list!

Notable Benefits –

  • Multi-channel deployment option – This allows you to create a survey and then redistribute it to various channels such as email, web, CAPI, telephone, mobile, and paper
  • Wide range of feedback methods
  • At-a-glance survey metrics


  • Confirmit does not offer a free trial or the details of their pricing on their website. They encourage their users to request a demo to create a custom quote depending on their use case.
  • However, you can read about how each feature you opt for changes how much you might end up paying by clicking on this link

Common Use Cases –

  • Confirmit comes with many heavy-duty features. Additionally, they do not offer a free trial option. For these reasons, we would recommend this tool only to businesses and enterprise-level clients, and not to students.


There you go! We hope you find this best survey tools comparison blog useful to help you narrow down which platform would be best suited for your use case.

Want to share something we may have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

For the most efficient, hassle-free, and customizable survey maker, we’d recommend Outgrow’s free plan! So don’t wait long and sign up for the FREE plan now!

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