Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing: What Is It and How to Implement It? 

Every business needs an organic marketing strategy that is personal, effective, and enhances brand recognition and trust. One way to do this is by showing people how your product or service can make their life easier and better. That’s where Attraction Marketing comes in! 

It is a term used for a method to attract customers and make them understand your product and its value through legitimate means.

So, let’s explore the following:

  1. What is attraction marketing? 
  2. How to implement it to increase your leads and what other benefits does it offer? 
  3. What tips and techniques should you follow to run a successful attraction marketing campaign?

What Is Attraction Marketing?

In simple words, attraction marketing is a marketing strategy that helps you attract customers. This method of marketing your product or service provides valuable information to the customer before convincing them to buy your product. It is a significant marketing strategy for lead generation and brand loyalty.

How to Implement Attraction Marketing?

1. Make Your Content Relatable and Emotional

A brand’s emotional appeal to its customers is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing who to buy from. Use meaningful keywords and phrases to create relatable and interactive content and develop an emotional connection with the audience. It will enable you to establish a long-lasting relationship with your audience. 

Let’s take an example!

A well-known brand – Apple, doesn’t sell products. It sells an idea that is a delicate mix of dreams and ambitions. That’s why Apple’s ads don’t show product features like memory, speed, or device weight. The commercials are designed to provide sensory stimulation. Make your customers feel ‘cared for’ through your content marketing strategy.

2. Define Product Features

Before pitching your product directly on your website or social media platforms, let customers know the value and features of your product. Make yourself an expert advisor, not a salesperson. 

Nobody wants to see boring sales pitches! To make it more interactive, build an engaging campaign by mentioning the product name, sharing relevant links, and connecting relevant product features. Customers should know the product’s current value and future value, as well as how it will improve their lives, before making a purchasing decision.

3. Value Proposition

A value proposition should focus on: What is the product? Who is it for? And how is it useful? If these questions are answered correctly, then you are on the right track. 

So, if you’re looking to increase your conversion rates, provide a clear, compelling value proposition with sufficient information

It should set clear expectations so that customers can understand what they will gain from buying and using your product.

4. Create and Distribute Valuable Content

Content comes in various forms and it is crucial to understand which type of content should be marketed on which platform. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an important concept that comes in handy here! 

Social media channels help your content reach its target audience while providing a direct line of communication with your customers. It enables you to find your tribe, foster stronger relationships, and build a community based on trust. You can gain this trust by collaborating with a TikTok influencer and carefully crafting valuable content that resonates with the entire squad.

General CTA


You can try your hand at creating interactive content like quizzes, calculators, polls, etc, as part of your Attraction Marketing strategy. This will not just help you provide valuable information, but also increase engagement because of the conversational approach this type of content follows.

5. Be Authentic

A strong brand is built on authenticity. Focus on building authentic connections with your audience through your shared values. Customers always trust and pay for brands that have authenticity without batting an eyelid. Think of brands like Amazon, Apple, and Nike – they are trusted to deliver, whether it’s the product quality or the service efficiency. Therefore, customers are more likely to remember a brand that stays true to its roots, relentlessly and repeatedly, and build a personal relationship with it.

6. Provide Important Insights

Customers expect marketers to be knowledgeable about their products. Educate your customers about the emerging trends in the market and how your product will be the big game-changer that will take the industry by storm. You should feel free to share it with your audience as it will help amplify their loyalty to your brand.


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Benefits of Attraction Marketing

The goal of attraction marketing is to attract consumers and convert them into paying customers. 

Furthermore, it attracts customers who are actually interested in doing business with you. 

Unlike pushy sales techniques, attraction marketing aims to educate your audience and then bring only the most relevant leads into the funnel. This way of authentic lead generation boosts the overall conversion rates. 

Some of the remarkable benefits of Attraction Marketing

Examples of Brands Using Attraction Marketing

Emma Hammond – The Queen of Automation

Emma, popularly known as The Queen of Automation is a business leadership mentor & digital marketing strategist. With her powerful teaching skills, she has become one of the prime examples of using attraction marketing to generate qualified leads and make sales for her UK-based Messenger Marketing Agency. She teaches business owners how to increase their revenue by creating content that attracts their ideal client’s needs. 

Her advice for marketers:

“When marketing themselves online, many people forget about the power of building an emotional connection with their audience. People feel connected to and are naturally attracted to others. They feel that they share the same values, when they see you share stories and information they resonate with it forms a strong emotional connection.”

She uses the power of attraction to inspire others by sharing her struggles, how they made a person feel, how they helped her achieve her goal, and what steps a person took to get through a vulnerable situation.

She supports people in breaking free from the limitations that society puts on them and encourages them to create a business that truly gives them freedom and sets their souls on fire.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a prime example of a brand that is well-known in the world of digital marketing. He has built a successful brand by providing valuable content to his audience through blogs, podcasts, and social media channels, and uses search engine optimization as a major part of its attraction marketing campaigns. 

He created a powerful SEO Tool – Ubersuggest and shares it for free to the world. It provides people with monthly keyword search volume, domain authority, CPC & competition data. The Ubersuggest extension will not only provide you with insightful data related to a specific keyword query on Google but also sites like YouTube, Amazon & more.

Neil Patel has come to be considered an authority in the field and has built a reputation around his brand by teaching the same SEO techniques he used to foster his own business to success.


With HubSpot’s marketing platform, users have access to a wide variety of informative and educational content about inbound marketing. 

It also provides an arsenal of tools for email marketing, CRM, and sales among many others.

Users may not buy anything from HubSpot right away. But they will get acquainted with its content over time. Ultimately, this free content will help HubSpot become customers’ first choice when they need a marketing tool because it has already proven to be valuable to them.

This is the essence of attraction marketing. Customers, by nature, are curious about how products work or perform before purchasing them as well as how much value they can yield for the money they spend.

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Some Attraction Marketing Best Practices

1. Know Your Audience

Learning everything about your target audience is the first step to getting started with attraction marketing. Marketing to your ideal client requires a deeper understanding of them than just where they live or how old they are. 

This is where the concept of buyer persona comes into play. A buyer persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. In addition, you can use the People Search Tool to update and search for accurate details and information for your customers. 

2. Choose the Right Content Distribution Channels

Choose from a variety of social media channels to reach your target audience. By creating a buyer persona, you will gain insights into your audience’s social media preferences. 

Some businesses can sell effectively on Instagram because their target clients are there, whereas, for others, Facebook works the best. Similarly, Twitter won’t work well if you’re trying to tell a story. Therefore, choosing a platform that supports long-form content or videos is most likely the winning strategy.

3. Mention Important Facts About Your Product

Even though you’re telling a story, you need to keep the information factual. If you’re using statistical data, make sure the data is current and if you’re explaining the features of your product, maintain accuracy. Most people are more likely to trust narratives that include facts and statistics to describe their products.

4. Personalize Your Messages and Be Responsive

Now that you have attracted the right audience to your story, the next step is to retain them. Engage with people consistently by responding to comments, participating in relevant LinkedIn groups, or in whatever manner it makes sense for your company. 

Engaging with the audience and adding value to their experience will keep the brand at the front of their minds. The more you engage them, the faster they become repeat customers. The more genuine and transparent you are about your brand engagement, the higher the loyalty.

You can even send personalized and interactive emails to your prospects to boost conversion rates.


Attraction marketing makes it easy for customers to understand your product and assess its value through legitimate means. This method is the complete opposite of direct pitching, hounding new leads, and sending cold emails

In fact, there are so many ways to attract consumers through interactive content so that they become your prospective customers. Interactive content builders like Outgrow help improve engagement, and as a result, increase sales conversions

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We hope that this article gave you all that you needed to know about attraction marketing, its strategies, and its benefits. 

If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comments section below!

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A marketing strategy refers to a business’s long-term plan for reaching prospective consumers and converting them into paying customers. The four Ps of marketing strategy are the product (goods or services), price (what consumer pays), place (the location where the product is marketed), and promotion (how you advertise your product or service).

When asked by global marketing professionals and industry experts, it was found that influencer marketing is at the top of the list. Other successful marketing trends include conversational, experiential, inbound marketing, social media marketing, AI, and automation marketing. They have allowed businesses to listen more intently than ever before when engaging with customers.

Attraction marketing is the key element of social media marketing strategy and when it comes to Instagram marketing, it becomes crucial to understand your target audience. By doing this, you will be able to connect and share good quality and interactive content with them. Also, Instagram attraction marketing is all about showing and telling stories that would lead to more engagement by creating influencer campaigns and focusing on Instagram stories. A well-researched and well-considered Instagram marketing strategy will help you generate more qualified leads and sales.

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